To get the wealth you dream of, you MUST take these four steps today

Although this quote dates back more than 2,000 years, it still applies to today’s modern high-tech society. Most people always complain that they get a raw deal in life and that all the rich people in the world got their wealth the easy way. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A great example of a man who was convinced that he would become a millionaire at some point in his life was John D Rockefeller. He made his fortune at the beginning of the twentieth century by founding the Standard Oil Company. He was determined to use his real wealth club clothing  for the good of humanity, and his various charities have raised millions of dollars to help fight hunger and disease around the world. If you believe you should achieve real wealth in your lifetime, there are at least four important steps you must take before you become John Rockefeller.

Be realistic about the effort required to get rich.

 Before anyone ever set foot on the surface of the moon, hundreds of NASA scientists and technicians spent thousands of hours researching how big a lunar landing would be. You have to ask yourself the same question: “How can I become a millionaire in ten years? It’s damn hard!”

Understanding the magnitude of the task is the first step to accomplishing it. If you decide to take on the challenge, it’s a definite possibility, and nothing as far-fetched as becoming a NASA test pilot. No, it starts to become something tangible when you are willing to put in the effort to decide which of your best talents or skills will best serve your purpose in achieving that financial goal. A lot of people poorer than you put in the effort and they came out the other end as billionaires. It’s not unrealistic that you end up like them with a great work ethic.

Real motivation to achieve a goal cannot be selfish.

Rockefeller’s main motivation to become immensely wealthy was his desire to feed the poor and heal the sick of this world. Your motivation should also be on the same line. Now I’m not saying you should give away half of your income like he did, but you should always give a good portion of your profits to reputable charities on your way to your ultimate dream of becoming very rich. You have to go much further in your life to achieve big goals, and becoming a millionaire is one of the biggest and most difficult goals to achieve.

Take a moment and think about what you would do with a million dollars if you had it. Would you buy a house or a huge yacht with it? Or you could give 10 percent of it to an organization like “The March of Dimes?” If you’ve been thinking about participating in the March of Dimes, you’re on the right track to finding some real motivation to start you on your road to real wealth club tshirts. Achieving wealth for purely selfish gain in life is a fool’s game and fools always lose.

When you start thinking like a rich person, you will become one.

 This statement may sound like something you’d hear on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” but there’s a lot of truth to it. If you always act like you don’t matter in life and never carry cash or credit cards because you feel like you’re always broke, you will NEVER achieve true wealth in life. Start acting like you belong at that fancy golf club in an affluent neighborhood and one day everyone else will think you belong there too.

Start by buying nice clothes. They don’t have to cost over $500, they just have to look like they do and you’ll instantly feel richer. Don’t believe me? Go to Saks Fifth Avenue or Nordstrom and just buy a nice shirt. I know you feel like a million, even though you don’t have it in your bank account yet. If you’ve bought a nice shirt or pair of pants, always carry more than $100 in cash in your wallet. It creates a sense of richness like no other.

If you change your mindset daily to think like a rich person, your income level will increase to keep up with your new mindset. This reasoning was considered a huge breakthrough when psychologists theorized it in the sixties, and the theory is still valid today. To improve the first level of earning more income, you need to visualize yourself making hundreds of thousands of monthly income, not just the paltry few thousand dollars a month you envisioned at the beginning of this important step. When your mind believes in something, it makes life take notice to make your dream come true.

Remove the negative thinker from your life

This step is so big it could have been at the top of my list instead of the bottom, but I need to reinforce this message with a big impact on you, so I saved it for last.