Rules of Procedure for Lucite Embedded Awards

Lucite embedded rewards can give recipients something that truly deserves the overused definition of “unique”. Most options for prizes and souvenirs are taken from factory shelves. Your “Unique” award can be withdrawn from the same shelf after ten minutes and used to commemorate a completely different event for a completely different company or organization. On the other hand, placing items on Lucite (a type of clear acrylic) can provide a range of options that are completely customized to the specific event, occasion or achievement you want to celebrate. This level of personalization can greatly increase the perceived value of the award or memorial to recipients.

But what are Lucite’s buried rewards?

 Can anything be placed in Lucite, or do some materials work better than others? This post covers some of the practical and aesthetic aspects of Lucite installations and will guide you through awards and memorabilia that truly deserve the word “unique.” Why would I want to bury something in Lucite? Asking what could be added to lucite award embedment raises another logical question:”Why would I want to bury something in Lucite?”

There are a few situations where you might consider embedding an object in Lucite.

For example, here are just a few of the Lucite embedded awards and memorabilia we’ve delivered recently: A team award from a construction company celebrating the completion of a major municipal tunnel expansion for its employees and client. The Lucite memorabilia included real pieces of metal that were mined during the construction project. A special award recognizing the first oil loaded aboard a newly commissioned Texas dock to include some of the actual oil in a bottle. A special annual award embedments in Lucite with an embedded medicine bottle used to honor researchers in the treatment of solid tumor cancers. What gives all these pieces prestige, and thus adds to their perceived value, is that they contain something very closely and uniquely related to the event, opportunity or achievement being honored.

This “uniqueness” can take many forms

 it means using the corresponding real oil, as in the above case (as opposed to some common, black liquid), or for another example, it means using pieces of the same conductive strips. Emergency teams from a government agency after a tornado used in a Lucite recognition piece.

Can everything be stored in Lucite?

Embedding objects in Lucite involves a cooking process that uses something similar to an oven. Some materials, such as rubber and plastic, cannot withstand the associated high temperatures. Beyond that, annual award embedments in Lucite rules can become complex, even intuitive. As an example, we’ve discovered over the years that some cookies can withstand the heat of the baking process; On the other hand, stones cannot. (The physics here are actually pretty simple: rocks, like some objects, store the heat they’re exposed to, causing Lucite to crack).