Maintenance Tips & Tricks: Cleaning Creases from Jordan 1 Taxi

Jordan 1 Low Taxi

Your worn and well-loved Jordan 1 Taxi shoes often tend to show signs of creases over time. It generally happens when structured sneakers, leather flats, and other closed-toe shoes get bent or move much during wear.

It does not mean, however, that they are worn out or in need of replacement, so don’t worry about it. Alternatively, you can take them off their racks and give them a much-needed refresh. It is just like you would do with your other clothing that gets wrinkled. Here is a step-by-step guide to making sure that your shoes always look fresh and new. To avoid missing any valuable information, read this post to the end for your Jordan 1 Low Taxi.

A Collection Of Tips And Instructions 

Jordan 1 Low Taxi has received high praise from basketball players and casual wearers alike due to its features:

  • Elegant aesthetics
  • An exceptional level of comfort
  • Quality materials
  • An ideal fit
  • Providing reliable traction
  • The cushioning is lightweight
  • Lockdown with adequate security

Some Tips To Avoid Creases On Your Favorite Shoes

  • You must walk properly if you want your shoes to stay in good condition. So, avoid walking on your toes, as this causes creasing. With a toe walk, your feet are placed on the balls of your feet rather than your heels touching the ground. Thus, it can result in wrinkles.
  • Be careful not to let your feet touch the upper material of your shoe too much. Therefore, you need to have the correct size. This helps in keeping the upper material more rigid and prevents creasing.
  • Your Jordan 1 Taxi will crease if you use them all the time. So, it is a good idea to have at least two pairs of working shoes.
  • More tightened shoelaces can prevent movement, which leads to creases. So, keep your shoelace snug to fit for comfort and to avoid creases.
  • When you are lazy or struggling while wearing your shoe, you may end up with creases. It may be the case that you tread on the back of your shoe until you put your heel in. Here, a shoehorn can help you slip your feet into your shoes without leaving creases.
  • To help the Jordon 1 Taxi retain its shape, stuff it from the heel to the toe box Keeping the shoes packed tightly will help to eliminate creases. Newspaper works best, but cardboard or even a few socks will also do.
  • Further, if you are trying to straighten creases using an iron, remember to put a buffer between the iron and the shoe. Because hot iron usage can ruin your shoes. So, be careful not to burn your shoes.


  • Put a damp cloth, such as a washcloth, directly over the crease (it’s okay to fold the towel over). The towel keeps the accidental scorch marks away from the shoes as it defuses the heat from the iron.
  • Set your iron at 60° to 80°F. 
  • Repeat the ironing process over the towel in 10-second intervals. Between intervals, examine the crease.
  • Stop ironing when the crease is gone, but let the shoe cool while stuffed.

Bonus Tip:

Wring the towel out thoroughly before using it on suede shoes. The Suede doesn’t go well with water.

  • Another alternative is to use a blow dryer instead of an iron, especially if you have leather shoes. 


  • Set the dryer at a low heat setting, then hold it approximately 8–10 inches away from the shoe. Run the dryer over the shoe a few times, then place it down. 
  • Next, rub the warm leather against the shoe tree with your finger. Continue until the crease disappears.
  • Afterward, you must apply shoe polish or conditioner. It is necessary to condition your sneakers because leather can be dried out by the heat. 

You may not always want heat for shoe creases. Shoes made of non-leather may suffer damage if you’re not careful. Hence, you may want to try removing the crease or wrinkle in another way. Check out these heatless alternatives:

  • Instead of using heat, you can use a special oil or conditioner on leather sneakers. However, make sure the products do not fade or discolor the shoe. So, start by testing on a small, discrete area of your shoe. Further, you will also need to polish/condition the entire shoe to maintain consistency.
  • Also, you can use cedar shoe trees if you want to keep the shape of the shoe. Hence, there will be no heat buildup inside the shoe.

Keeping your Jordan 1 Taxi safe from creasing by following the above steps may help. Thus, your shoes will always appear new and appealing. 

Take advantage of these cleaning tips to maintain the appearance of your favorite Jordan 1 Taxi Low.


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