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Jim Corbett National Park

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Jim Corbett National Park, India’s oldest national park, is also a sanctuary for wildlife. It was originally called Hailey National Park. Jim Corbett National Park was established in 1957 in his honour.Also visit our  resort in Jim Corbett. This park is part of the Save the Tiger initiative.

Jim Corbett National Park, which is home to over 488 species of fauna and flora, is a popular ecotourism spot. It is a dense, humid, deciduous forest that contains a lot of sal, haldu and peepal as well as rohini, rohini, and rohini. It covers 73% of the park’s area, with 10% being meadows. There are 110 species of trees, 50 types of mammals, and 580 bird species. 25 reptiles, and approximately 110 other species.

Histories of Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park was once enclosed in a forest. Many species of fauna, flora and fish died after the forest was cleared. Major Ramsay, a British officer responsible for the area started efforts to save the forest in the 19th Century. E.R.I.C. Stevans, E.A. Smythies proposed the creation of a national park at this location.

The British government created the park in 1930 with the assistance of Jim Corbett. Hailey national park, which was established as a reserve in the Philippines, was the first Asian national park. In honour of Jim Corbett’s contributions to the creation of the park, the reserve was named Jim Corbett National Park.

Project Tiger, which aims to save endangered Bengal Tigers, chose this building as its headquarters. Since then, the Bengal tiger population is steadily increasing. Corbett National Park is among 13 areas protected under the Terai Arc Landscape Program. It is managed by the World Wide Fund for Nature. Its headquarters are in Nainital district.

Geography of Jim Corbett

The region’s altitude ranges from 360 to 1,040 metres. The region is home to many small streams, ravines, and plateaus. Each has a different slope. The Patli Dun Valley, formed by the Ramganga River, is part of the park. It preserves parts of the Upper Gangetic Plain’s moist broadleaf pine ecoregions. It has a humid alpine-subtropical climate.

The current reserve covers 1,318.54km with a 520 km core area and a buffer of 797.72km. The Jim Corbett National Park is located in the middle of the reserve. The Sonanadi Nature Reserve (301.81km2), and reserve forests (496.54km2) are part of the buffer area. It is located partly in the valley between the Lesser Himalayas and Shivaliks. It is a sub-Himalayan structure.

Climate in Jim Corbett:

Jim Corbett National Park is closed from mid-June through mid-September because of the rainy season, which coincides with the mating season. The summer season begins in March and ends in June. Maximum temperature is 40 degrees, with a minimum temperature of 30. Summer heat can prove unbearable for both animals and residents.

Jim Corbett National Park is best enjoyed in the rainy season. This season is just before summer. The best months for Corbett are December through February. The comfortable minimum temperature is 5°C and the maximum temperature is 20°C. Winter is a wonderful time to spot wildlife.

How to get to Jim Corbett National Park

Fly by plane

Pantnagar Airport is the nearest airport. You can taxi to the airport from Jim Corbett National Park (50 kilometres). Air India serves this airport on a regular basis.

By road

Jim Corbett can be found approximately 290 km from Delhi, India’s capital. To reach Jim Corbett National Park, it takes about five hours from Delhi. There are also extensive roads that connect you to Nainital and Haridwar, as well as Dehradun. These towns offer regular Volvo bus service to Jim Corbett. You can also drive your vehicle to Jim Corbett National Park.


Kotdwar Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Kotdwar. Kotdwar railway station is easily accessible from Delhi and other parts of Uttarakhand. Taxis can be taken from Kotdwar railway stations to Jim Corbett.

Things to do and see in Jim Corbett National Park

Enjoy a picnic at Corbett Falls

Corbett Falls is 25 km from Ramnagar and is a beautiful waterfall. This water is perfect for relaxing and listening to the birds and waterfalls.

Corbett Museum:-

The Corbett museum is a favourite of both nature lovers and historians. It is located close to Kaladhungi. It houses many of the same items Jim Corbett used, and was his favourite place to spend his nights.

Garjiya Devi Temple:-

Garjiya Temple is a popular spot for Hindu pilgrimage, located near Jim Corbett National Park. Legend has it that Goddess Parvati, the child God Himavan and King of Mountains, is the temple’s god.

Kalagarh Dam

Kalagarh dam, which is located on the banks of River of Ramganga (a tributary of Ganga river), is an embankment. This dam is also known by the Ramganga name. The dam is popular with migratory birds during migration.

Jim Corbett Food:

  • Restaurants are not allowed in Corbett National Park, which is a Tiger Reserve. Many restaurants are located outside the protected area. There are many restaurants and bars in the resort in Ramnagar that offer delicious cuisines such as North Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisines, Mughlai, and other ethnicities. Kumaoni cuisine can also be found at Restaurant Village Vatika
    Delhi darbar restaurant
    Safari Cafe
    Corbett River Cafe
    Blue zinger restaurant

Bring your clothes

Jim Corbett has a distinctive dress code that varies depending on the season. You should bring light clothing for summer. Warm woollen clothing is essential for winter temperatures. Winter months are a wonderful time to use gloves, scarves, and scarves.

Enjoy the finest resort at Jim Corbett, and take part in fun activities

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Fire and more

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Sightseeing tours

Jim Corbett National Park is a great place to spend your vacation, whether you’re traveling with family or for business.


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