How to Organize Your Office Space to Boost Productivity


Every business has had to deal with the challenge of decluttering their office spaces. Miscellaneous items can build up over time. Papers accumulate, and new office supplies are introduced to replace the old ones. But, the older items never leave your area. They end up in the office, either in a drawer or at the corner of a desk. And so it goes.

This setup is probably what your office has at the moment. Perhaps it’s time for a complete overhaul. A healthy dose of organizational overhaul can not only clean up a space but also improve work quality, efficiency, and health.

These are compelling reasons to make any company executive aware of the importance of office space.

The Productivity Benefits of Clean Office Space


Office productivity can be significantly increased by having a tidy, well-planned workspace. Some advantages of maintaining a clean office space are listed below by Commercial Dumpster.

1. Focus and efficiency are promoted

It’s a common saying that “out of sight, not of mind” will help you avoid distractions. Cleanliness will help you focus on the task at hand, and only make sense of what you have.

2. Maximize your time and energy for things that really matter

You won’t have to spend too much time searching for things if you only have your priorities prepared at your desk. It won’t take you too long to search through a mountain of clutter and find it isn’t there. You’ll be able to find everything you need with proper organization and storage.

3. Simplifies processes

Decluttering can help you simplify your work processes, just as it can improve your efficiency. Consider files, for instance. They may be stored far away from your work space. It saves time and makes it easier to work.


4. Improves employees’ health

Unorganized desks can cause stress and lower productivity. You spend more time searching for lost items and information. A messy desk or office can lead to an increase in bacteria and germs. Cleansing and decluttering will make your workspace safer and more functional for everyone.

5. Positive energy brings in positivity

Everyone is forced to keep only the essentials by following Marie Kondo’s decluttering techniques. Susan Carnes, Corporate Communication Director at APTMetrics, Darien, Conn. believes in the positive energy of keeping only what you love, and letting go of things that don’t serve your purpose.

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Types Of Clutter

Clutter can be described as a collection of different items. You can find small things like forgotten accessories scattered around your space or bulky items like a stack of notebooks, both used and unutilized. It is important to assess the clutter in your office. You can then reevaluate the importance of clutter in your office, its relevance to your work, as well as employee safety and mental health.

Don’t put unnecessary items on your desk

Do you feel that certain items should be visible on your desk or could they be stored in a drawer? These items can distract from your desk and take up valuable space. You might find sticky notes, personal-care products, or other items in these piles.     

No longer required documents

You may have a few books or other miscellaneous materials in your office’s reference library. You should evaluate their value to your company and conduct regular assessments of their relevancy. Get rid of anything you don’t need right away.

Unfinished Projects

You may have a lot of projects sitting on the back burner. It’s possible to put off completing projects that won’t get picked up soon.

Sentimental clutter

Each employee has the right to some motivation at work. There may be too many items that take up more space than is necessary. To motivate employees, allow one item of sentimental importance per person. Tracy McCubbin, an organization expert, offers tips for letting go to help your employees evaluate their items.

Potentially useful clutter

You can keep records and past projects in a storage container for historical purposes. You can go through them and decide if they are necessary references. If not, it is time to get rid of it.

Stocked clutter

Everyone in an office requires pens, paper, and other supplies. A supply station could be a better alternative to allowing each person to keep everything.·     

Recreational clutter

Employees may have a collection of board games and other recreational items that they keep for their employees to relax after work. These items can be moved to a designated area for company activities and engagement.

Emergency clutter

Everybody has their own emergency supplies, such as spare shoes and umbrellas. It might be a good idea to have a designated place for these items.

Unopened Documents and Packages

Sometimes packages and documents arrive in the mail but they aren’t yet opened. After a time, these documents and packages may need to be reviewed.

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