Abayas Modest Fashion For All   

Abayas are cloak dresses worn over other clothing by Muslim women across the globe. It is, however, more popular with women from Turkey, the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. The Abaya is a sign of modesty, as instructed in the Quran.

It is often black or plain, but new trends have come up where many women prefer to wear it in colorful and with decorations such as embroidery. An abaya is stable for the traditional and modern hijab way of dressing.

In some countries, women are compelled to wear the Abaya as a duty to follow the demands placed on them by the Muslim religion. In Saudi Arabia, for example, all women are expected to cover their bodies with an Abaya. Even in some areas, the police will demand that women wear them as a sign of modesty.

The Evolution of The Abaya

The traditional Abaya was designed to cover the female body from the neck to the ground. It was often black. Some were designed to a slightly open at the top, while others were completely pullover. Muslim women often wore the Abaya with a hijab to cover their heads, while others wore a glover so that everything but the face was covered.

On the other hand, modern abayas are made of colors other than black. They are now designed to be more fashionable and fun to wear. Women now enjoy wearing abayas because they are now more fashionable and not just a typical oversized cloak. The abayas are still very modest and uphold the Muslim culture but provide women with varied choices based on their tastes and preferences.

Abaya: A Badge Of Modesty

“Modesty is the beauty of women” -Gaelic proverb

The Abaya is designed to be worn by the woman when she leaves her home. Traditionally, it is a street garment designed to be flowing and free and hide the woman’s curves. It is worn over other clothes and a scarf to cover the hair according to the Muslim culture.

Many Muslim women worldwide love to practice modesty in their attire, especially in areas with high temperatures and dusty weather. Women in the gulf are said to be among the best dressed in the world thanks to the Abaya, which comes in different designs to flatter the woman’s body.

How to Wear an Abaya?

A woman in an abaya can wear anything she wants underneath it. Abayas allow the wearers to wear comfortable clothes inside since it is not tight. Many women dress conservatively before putting on the Abaya on top.

While most people think wearing an abaya is not trendy, it has evolved dramatically. Many leading brands are now making fashionable, elegant Abaya dresses that you can wear regularly and for any occasion. 

There are different styles of abayas to choose from, including printed, embroidered, beautifully embellished and other stylish cuts. They are the perfect style statement because of their elegance while staying modest.

Today abayas are made in the latest sophisticated styles to create an edgy look making them a must-have for most women’s wardrobes. Although the primary goal of an abaya is modesty, women enhance their looks with makeup and embellish their looks with henna.

Women also add head scarfs called Shela to cover their hair while in Abayas. A sheila is a light scarf, typically black and of light material. However, most women prefer wearing designer scarves that match their designer handbags to make a bigger fashion statement.

On the other hand, traditional women prefer the Gwisha, a black veil that often covers the whole face. It is thin enough to see, but other people cannot see their faces. The Burqa is the other option where women only show their eyes.

Women also love adding jewellery to their abaya dresses. Traditionally, Arabian women carried their savings in jewellery since there were no banks. They wear different types, including silver and gold bracelets, rings, anklets, earrings and more.


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