Why You Should Consider a Hair Transplant in Dubai

Hair loss can be devastating to men and women of all ages, and it’s something that you really can’t afford to ignore. There are many reasons why you might lose hair, but there’s only one way to get it back – with a hair transplant in Dubai! Here are just some of the ways that this procedure could change your life.

A Hair Transplant Can Regrow Lost Hair

A hair transplant is an excellent treatment for those who are facing hair loss. The best part about it is that unlike other remedies, it can actually regrow lost hair as long as there’s still healthy follicles present. If you live in Dubai and are interested in learning more about getting a procedure, contact us at Alborj Hair Clinic. We will provide you with all of the information you need to know to make an informed decision.

Ideal Candidates for a Hair Transplant

We can’t say for sure if you are an ideal candidate for a hair transplant. That is something that will have to be determined by your doctor, taking into consideration your age, physical condition and how severe your hair loss actually is. At Alborj Hair Clinic, Dubai we always suggest that you take into account all possible medical procedures for dealing with hair loss before resorting to surgery. However, if there are no other options and you have been suffering from male pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness – which can lead to thinning hair on top and/or balding over an extensive area of scalp – then a hair transplant might be right for you. This may particularly apply to younger people who have begun losing their locks only recently.

The Procedure

No matter how much we might wish it, all of us are vulnerable to genetic balding. Before long, we may find that our hair is thinning to such an extent that it’s barely visible. In more advanced cases, you may notice patches of missing hair. Fortunately, if you’d like to reverse hair loss with minimal side effects and surgery, Dubai has some options for you. In fact, Dubai is becoming known for its Alborj Hair Clinic, where you can get a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) procedure done locally – without requiring general anesthetic. This means less risk and lower costs too!

The Recovery Process

When you’re considering having a hair transplant, it is easy to get excited about what might be possible with your new locks. However, it is important to recognize that having a hair transplant isn’t quite as simple as making an appointment for some cosmetic surgery and waiting for your follicles to grow back. In fact, recovering from hair surgery can take several weeks or even months. The recovery process typically includes

What to Expect After the Surgery

Before you have your Dubai hair transplant, your doctor will likely prescribe some medicine to combat nausea and other potential side effects. After surgery, there are two basic recovery stages: active and inactive. The active recovery period lasts for about three days post-surgery; during that time, you need to sleep with a special hat on that stays on while you sleep (you can’t sleep on your back). The inactive period lasts anywhere from two weeks to several months. During that time, it’s important not to be exposed to any harsh chemicals (perms or straighteners), use any hot water on your scalp, scratch or pick at anything growing out of your scalp or smoke cigarettes.