Why UK companies should hire remote software developers:

Teleworking and procurement are here to stay. COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we see traditional workplaces and their effectiveness. The good news is that making the switch isn’t as complex as it sounds.

If you’re wondering if moving is right for your business, last year’s data shows conclusively how remote working enables businesses to be more profitable and productive. Renowned research and consulting firm Gartner predicts that 51% of knowledge workers worldwide will work remotely by the end of 2021. In 2019, this figure was only 27%. Additionally, the company expects remote workers in the UK and Europe to represent at least 52% of the total workforce by 2022.

Why hire remote software developers?

Expanding a business requires additional resources and time, luxuries most businesses don’t have. In the software industry, it is very important that you are able to build a team that you can expand over time. However, finding and cultivating a development team is not easy, especially in the United Kingdom.

One of the major challenges remains the high costs of paradise in taking developers, at full time or freelancers. Quality engineers are in high demand every year, and most companies can’t find the right people for their jobs. The reasons for this are varied, from developers and programmers without the necessary experience to a saturated job market. As a result, many UK companies are looking to hire remote developers. While cost reduction is a major factor, the range of long-term benefits extends far beyond.

Reduced infrastructure costs

Large offices need exceptional locations, quality technological infrastructures and aesthetic design; they cost a lot of money. Hiring remote teams eliminates these costs for companies. It also means that developers can choose workspaces that suit them best, be it a cafe, home office, or a quiet corner somewhere. However, open-plan offices don’t necessarily work for everyone.


Finding the right talent locally is a growing challenge. First, the average salary for a software developer in the UK is £ 50,000. These numbers may be out of reach for most small and medium-sized businesses. Also, experienced developers can be hard to find if your talent hunt is limited to one city.

Talented software developers live on all continents. Hiring remote software developers gives companies access to a skilled global workforce. Regardless of the size or size of the company, you can find great developers in destinations like India, one of the largest markets for technological innovation. No matter how specific the requirement or niche is, you can find talented people.

Increased productivity

Developers are known to work best at certain times of the day. These hours are when they are most in the area and doing quality work. For these reasons, a remote software development team is happy and highly effective. In any case, it is beneficial for companies, customers and employees. Employees who work from home can really focus on their work and are less likely to be distracted as if they were in the office.

Employees in different time zones

The technology works 24 hours. From bug fixes, to customer troubleshooting, to systems shutdown – tech companies need to anticipate all scenarios and take immediate action. Not all companies can afford to have a team available 24/7. This is where remote software developers can step in. Not only is it possible, but it is very feasible for remote developer equipment to work through temporal areas. This work model allows a quick action if the need arises.

Employee involvement and retention

Keeping employees is more difficult than before. Millennials make up the majority of the workforce today. It is arguably one of the most restless workforce ever.

Telework fits perfectly into this new paradigm. Studies have repeatedly shown that letting people choose how and when to work increases engagement. Subsequently, it can also contribute to higher retention rates.

Reduced Employment costs

Remote teams help companies significantly reduce a variety of labor costs. Internal work involves many additional costs: legality, taxes, insurance, bonuses, benefits, etc.

Competitive Advantages

Remote work is the new normal. More importantly, it is the future of work. Companies that adopt remote jobs will now prepare for future success.

Taking remote software developers can work perfectly for anyone. From small businesses with few resources to companies running multiple projects, you can count on a team of highly skilled developers to help your business around the world.

Smart Working is committed to connecting employers with the best remote talent. Our team specializes in finding people with the exact skills and experience you need. Our developers also get 50 percent savings. If you are interested, contact and chat with one of our senior consultants to find out how our services can help you grow your business.

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