Why the Insurance Adjuster Academy is the Place to Be

The Insurance Adjuster Academy offers students the knowledge they need to be successful insurance adjusters. Their intensive curriculum provides students with the tools they need to not only be ready to pass their licensing exam, but also to make good business decisions and be valuable members of the insurance community. If you’re interested in becoming an insurance adjuster academy and want to know why The Insurance Adjuster Academy is the place to be, read on!

The Academy offers many courses

The Insurance Adjuster Academy has been training professionals for more than 27 years. Our courses focus on educating and developing students who want to become insurance adjusters. The academy offers many courses, including an intensive 20-week course or a 16-week course that meets twice per week. With both options, you will learn about adjusting various types of claims as well as how to calculate and document damages. You can also use your work experience toward our older student program, which allows you to study at your own pace in order to complete the degree requirements.

The Insurance Adjuster Academy was recently awarded Best School by Expertise’s best in America Award. We are proud of this recognition and hope that it motivates current students, alumni, and future prospects alike!

The Academy has experienced instructors

The Insurance Adjuster Academy has experienced instructors that know what they’re talking about. The instructors are qualified, and they have a lot of experience in their field. Plus, they are able to answer any questions you might have. They also take you through each class with ease and explain everything in detail so that you never feel lost or confused. All of this, combined with the great curriculum, makes for an amazing learning experience.  The Insurance Adjuster Academy has a unique curriculum that includes current textbooks and video training.

They offer a variety of courses to help prepare you for the challenging world of insurance adjusting. Classes are taught by experienced industry professionals who have years of experience in insurance adjuster training Houston, so their expertise really sets them apart. I know that’s why I chose their program – it was the best insurance adjuster training Houston had to offer!

The Academy uses current textbooks

At Insurance Adjuster Training in Houston, we offer hands-on, intensive training courses that provide a full understanding of claims process and procedures. The Insurance Adjuster Academy provides three levels of certification: Certified Claims Examiner (CFE), Certified General Claims Examiners (CGCE) and Certified Senior Claims Examiners (CSCE).

The CFE course includes five months of classroom education and one month on the job. The CGCE course includes four months of classroom education and one month on the job. Finally, the CSCE course includes three months of classroom education and two months on the job.

The Academy has job placement assistance

The Insurance Adjuster Academy has job placement assistance. Our industry partners are looking for more adjusters, and we have their contact information. We have a partnership with the Texas Workers Compensation Commission, which will provide you with insurance adjuster training Houston and licensing assistance in order to get certified as an insurance adjuster. So many people go out of state to do this because it can take up to five years in Texas, but with our help you can get certified in less than six months!