What To Expect From A Perfect Christian Fiction Novel?

Fiction is a narrative piece of work that illustrates creative and imaginary characters in fabricated storylines, fairy tales, or plots. But how is it possible to predict or even fantasize about the working pattern of God, or how does He act differently in different situations? Then, what does the Christian fiction novels genre refers to? Christian fiction does not necessarily involve a character or an event from the Bible. Instead, it is set from a Christian perspective throughout the plot. Its characters either comprise a deep understanding of God or seek His teachings to face the hardships of their own life. Let us know more clearly what makes the book a perfect Christian fiction.

Positive Message

Strong belief in God gives us a sense of faith in hope. Christian fiction novels try to convey a similar message through their characters. They are perceived to strengthen faith and believe in the power that will help them cross the river of fire and even salvation from the crisis. Christian fiction mainly professes hope, trust, peace, healing, repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation, and acceptance. These notions diminish the negativity and enhance positive viewpoints toward life and others.

Profess the Virtue of Integrity

Integrity is the most essential virtue in itself. It bounds an individual, to be honest, and behave ethically in society. Christian fiction preaches integrity in a way that if its characters know about the deeds and the resulting negative output, then it will not let them sleep. It will, again and again, pin-prick them that they have committed something wrong. Only a consciously awakened and morally bounded entity can gain followers. No one will follow someone until and unless trust or confidence in being right is established.

No profanity

Christian fiction does not promote abusive or rude language and irreverent behavior. Most readers are attracted to Christian fiction because they do not want to experience abuse in any way. Neither the characters’ emotions nor their actions should adore profanity in any manner.  

Does not glamorize sexual sin and violence

Christian fiction draws a fine line between illustrating sexual desires and romantic relationships. It focuses on love, care, and attention instead of visualizing sexual sin and praising sensuality. In the same way, it may depict the conflict between characters, their thoughts, and their emotions. But, they firmly stand against unhealthy spirituality, immorality, and bloodshed.

Prohibits revenge 

Christian fiction resists taking revenge. It states that good will triumph over wrong, maybe sooner or later, but it will surely happen. If some fiction exhibits the notion of revenge, its characters are made to realize that it is not a way to salvation from crisis and will cost severe consequences.  

Therefore, Christian fiction portrays the positivity of life while keeping all the negativity aside. It lets the readers experience immense spirituality and an invisible bond with God. It emphasizes that an individual’s act of just folding hands and praying in front of the idol does not make a role model. It is important to believe in virtues and have faith in the actions of God. If you are also looking for the best Christian fiction novels to gain consciousness and feel spiritual, then go through the fantastic works of Brenda Poulos, a Christian novel author from Henderson, Nevada.   


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