What is Good Signal Strength for a Kosher Cell Phone?

Kosher Cell Phones

Kosher Cell Phones have become essential for private and business communication, so good signal strength in your business premises is more important than ever. A strong kosher cell phone signal means smooth conversations, less dropped calls and faster and more reliable data transmission when sending or receiving. With a strong cellular signal, mobile device users can conduct personal and business transactions over the kosher phone without worrying about call quality or stability.

If you want to make sure your family, co-workers or customers can use their kosher cell phones in your building, it’s helpful to know what good signal strength is and how to recognize if you have one.

What is a Good Kosher Cell Phone Signal Strength?

The signal strength of the kosher cell phone network can be accurately measured in decibels, milliwatts or dBms. Signal strength in dBms is expressed as a negative number and typically ranges from -30 dBm to -110 dBm, with numbers closer to zero indicating stronger cell signals. Basically, this means that -77 dBm is a stronger signal than -86 dBm.

Signals above -85 decibels are considered usable and loud, and you rarely see signals above -50 dBm. At the other end of the spectrum, a signal weaker than -100dBm is likely to be too disruptive to be useful, resulting in dropped calls and incomplete data transfers.

In practice, testing the strength of a good kosher cell phone signal in a residential or commercial building includes the following:

  • Call for clarity
  • Few or no dropped calls
  • Minimal buffering

What do those Signal Bars on Your Phone Really Mean?

If you’ve been unsuccessful in making a kosher cell phone call in an unfamiliar location, you’ve probably tried to figure out how many bars are showing on your phone. The frustrating part is that you may even see bars on the screen and still not be able to make calls. Unfortunately, this happens because these signal bars are not actually an accurate estimate of signal strength.

The problem with your phone’s signal strength bars is that they’re not regulated by an industry standard, so they show relative kosher cell phone signal strength instead of an absolute value. Also, since each kosher phone manufacturer uses its own algorithm to determine signal strength, the bars can vary significantly between different brands of devices. In other words, the kosher phone can only display two bars despite having a stronger signal than a phone with three bars. Your phone can display up to four bars when it is not receiving a signal.

How can you Determine the Cellular Signal Strength in your Building?

When the connection is active, Apple’s iOS and Android devices have hidden field test modes that can accurately determine cell signal strength. Doing a thorough site survey and recording the signal strength in your building and around your property can help determine if your business would benefit from a signal booster.

Field test mode is usually easy to use, although the instructions vary by device brand and model.

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