What Are Some Benefits of Carrying Out Home Extensions

Kitchen Extension Chichester

Types of House Extension and Ideas

Single Storey Extension

These are typically added to the side or back of the property and have just one storey. This is the ideal option if you want to increase the size of your kitchen or add an extra office or playroom. Bi-folding doors, which connect the home and the garden and make it ideal for hotter days, are frequently added to this extension style.

A rear extension is the most common type of House Extension in Chichester , which extends your home out onto the garden, creating an outdoor space that also creates a space inside your home. The rear extension is single and double-storey, meaning you have many options to design the place according to your needs and requirements.

You have two options for roof types with this kind of extension: a pitched roof or a flat roof. Single-story additions frequently have skylights, which assist in bringing in light and provide a feeling of openness and airiness that is ideal for an open-concept kitchen.

Double Storey Extension

In this type of extension, two storeys are added. This type of extension is suitable for those with a larger family who need additional living space. With this extension, the value of a house is increased greatly; however, it may create some problems or issues, such as planning permission will be required before one can start construction and design the layout; expert guidance is a must.

Wrap Around Extension

This extension is the most commonly constructed and famous across the UK; it combines rear and side extensions. This will wrap around your home, creating an L-shaped layout that significantly changes your home’s design, feels and shape.

Those with a garden in the backyard can greatly benefit from this extension. They can extend their kitchen to the backyard, construct a conservatory, or one can extend however they see fit.

Moreover, this extension is a bit more costly but justifiable as it provides exceptional benefits.

Over-Structure Extension

It is impossible to extend your house on the ground level; this is where over-structure extension comes in handy. As the name suggests, a garage extends the house upwards.

This extension uses the existing space, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice any garden space. This is ideal for those who want to keep their garden space to themselves.

Porch Extension

A porch extension is an excellent option as it increases your property’s value and enhances its aesthetic. If your porch opens up in a living room, it is also worth considering. Moreover, it is easier to carry out and does not require planning permission unless the garage is not separated. Therefore, it can be easily carried out.


A conservatory is an excellent idea if you want a room that feels outdoorsy. It is usually added to the property’s side and is a single-storey extension. This extension is usually made from aluminium or timber. It is great for this who don’t want to pay for a single-storey and still need space for an office or just a place to hang out with friends.

Loft Conversion

A loft conversion is excellent for those who want to add an extra bedroom or en-suite bathroom. This will increase the value of your home without building extra structure. if you choose loft conversion, there are many ideas to transform this place into a functional and beautiful one.

Rear House Extension

Moreover, you can add suitable windows and French doors to that you can still have the garden space and the place will be airy and open.

Side Extension

Side extensions are usually built on Victorian and Georgian-era properties that have side alleys. These side alleys are often not used; therefore, the side extensions are ideal for making this space functional.

Reasons For Extending Your Home

There are many reasons to add an extension to your home; you can extend sidewards or upwards or extend the space down to make the cellar valuable space.

Make the most of outdoor space

Suppose you have a large garden, a porch, or extra space at your house. You can extend the space, increasing the benefits to your indoor space.  for example, a conservatory can provide a comfortable and beautiful space, while a porch can enhance the beauty and provide security benefits.

Another bedroom

if you already have a family or planning to grow one, you can add another bedroom. No one wants to move to a new property just for another bedroom. Therefore, with a house extension, you can add an extra bathroom or bed and furnish it as you see fit.


You can remodel your Kitchen Extension in Chichester  by making it more modern by investing wisely in your home. for example, if you have a terraced house, it can be dark; therefore, you can open up the extension to the back of the property, and a home can be beautifully transformed.


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