Tips to Consider as A First-Time Cruiser

Are you planning to book your first cruise trip this season? Congratulations! But before you book your trip, you must do a couple of things beforehand. You need to know the type of experience you want and the destinations you want to visit.

Knowing some of these things will ensure you do not book just any trip. If you do not know where to start, you do not need to worry. We have come up with a few tips that will go a long way to help you book the best cruise of your life.

Read on to learn how to prepare for your first cruise vacation:

Research On the Port in Advance

While the cruise has everything you need, from food and cabins to entertainment, you will need to research before you board. Cruise lines will plan out your daily program while on board, but they will rarely help you with the information you will need about the town where you will board the cruise.

They will not offer you information on the ports you will visit. You will therefore need to research to learn about all the spots you can visit there. It will help if you read up on the different ports.

Think Carefully Before Booking a Beverage Package

While beverage packages are pushed heavily on cruise lines to save money, it is not always the case. While booking such packages may be cheaper, it might not always save you money. 

Whether a beverage package is right for you will only be determined by your drinking habits and the prices of the drinks onboard or whether the drinks are included in the meal package, among other factors. You will also need to consider the number of days you will be at sea and the days you will be on the ship the whole day when you will likely buy more drinks. 

Go for A La Carte Over the Buffet

Most first-timers tend to spend a lot of time in buffet restaurants. It is a better idea to eat from the main dining rooms instead. They tend to be calmer and with better food quality, presentation and service. Eating from the main dining room will greatly enhance your cruising experience.

Most cruise lines offer limitless food in the main dining room, so you do not have to worry whether you will get enough food. However, some cruise lines are introducing restrictions on the main dining area, so check before booking your trip.

Keep Up with Your Statement

You will soon find that the non-luxury lines have many additional costs for the internet, drinks and other optional activities. The costs can slowly add up, and you must check how much you spend on your app or your stateroom television.

Do this often to ensure that there are no mistakes with your statement and to stay on top of your onboard expenses to avoid any surprises on your final day.

Pace Yourself

A cruise vacation has a lot to offer for a first-timer. With so many activities on modern cruises, it is essential to pace yourself. You can easily participate in all the activities in the beginning and burn out even before your cruise is halfway.

Once you board, take your time to explore the ship and devise a plan on how you will enjoy the amenities. If you do not have a shore excursion, take an hour to let the traffic subside to leave the ship. This way, you get some time to explore the port while you are relaxed and there aren’t many people around.

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