Tips for Dumpster Safety


A dumpster is not a play area. Proper precautions should be taken whenever they are being used. It can be difficult to move heavy objects. You should ensure that you can remove the debris yourself or hire help. Here are some suggestions by dumpster rental Port St Lucie for precautions.

  • Be careful not to leap in or around dumpsters
  • Take safety precautions around the dumpster
  • Don’t lift heavy objects.
  • Check to make sure there aren’t any low-lying power lines
  • Children should not play with the roll-off container.
  • Don’t try to move the equipment.
  • You should not put any hazardous materials in the dumpster

These are just a few tips, so use your common sense. Make sure the area where the dumpster is to be delivered is clear for us to place it in the right spot.

Do not overload the container. Additional charges will apply to tires, railroad ties, box springs, and stumps. The container must not contain any flammable, toxic or/hazardous materials, thinners and lacquers, paints filters, solvents oils, oils filters, batteries, contaminated soils fuels inks resins food wastes adhesives electronics, appliances, drums or other hazardous material. All items containing refrigerants should be disposed of according to federal law. Dumpster rental company will not be responsible for any damage to driveways, grass, shrubs, or waterlines. Any and all damage to the container at site is the responsibility of the customer.

Where can I store a dumpster?

Although dumpsters come in different sizes, they are large and heavy containers that you should have on your property. You might be asking yourself where to store a dumpster. The simple answer is that it should be stored where it makes most sense. There are some things you should consider in order to do this.

Who puts out the trash?

Although dumpsters can collect trash and recycle, they don’t do it all themselves. At least not in 2019. PEOPLE can bring their trash to a dumpster. It is important that the dumpster be accessible to all who will use it.

This could mean that your bins are within walking distance of a restaurant or business’ back door. You should ensure that there are enough dumpsters to service your entire neighborhood, whether it’s a residential home or school campus.

You could have garbage and recycling piled up on the streets, in parking lots, or against your building’s exterior walls if your dumpster isn’t easily accessible. People need to be able access the dumpster easily if they want to dispose of trash. People will seek shortcuts if the process is difficult. It is important to have a clean and accessible dumpster location.

Who sees the trash?

Garbage isn’t glamorous. Dumpsters are more functional than beautiful. Your personal preference will determine who sees your dumpsters. Most businesses and housing developments will place their dumpsters at the back. Only residents and employees who need to access a dumpster will be able to see it. Residents, customers, and residents are far away from your shiny storefront.

You can also store your dumpsters in an enclosure to reduce their appearance. These enclosures may be available at your local grocery store or restaurant. These enclosures look like tiny huts at the back of buildings or in corners of parking lots. Because they blend seamlessly into landscaping and buildings, enclosures can conceal and contain trash. You can DIY an enclosed or hire a professional to handle larger projects. Make sure you adhere to all local regulations about the dimensions and placement of your enclosure.

Closures can also be used to keep rodents, birds and other pests away from your trash. An enclosure properly maintained will deter passersby from using your dumpsters for their own dumping grounds.

Who picks up the trash?

The people who will be picking up your dumpster are a key element in deciding where to put it. Your waste hauler will need to know the right placement of your dumpster. To ensure that your dumpster is easily accessible, you will need to contact your local waste hauler or the best dumpster rental company you hired. You can ask them about the clearance and space requirements to reach your dumpster. You will need to talk with your waste hauler to get a clear answer.


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