The Real Story Behind the Success of Some instagram Views

When you happen to watch a hit instagram videos with hundreds of thousands views and you just said to yourself that it’s impossible for that video to reach that enormous view in such a short period of time, unless if you’re a famous Hollywood singer like Beyonce, Adele, Justin Bieber and Korean Superstar Psy with a skyrocketed views of billions.

The story behind the successful video could be something. But do you know that there are tech marketing companies that making it possible?
Story # 1
Not all viral videos are really viral. When a certain client wanted surely hit videos, they’ll approach to the “guys” who’ll make the videos going viral; to make it short they buy instagram views. And they surely are making their job right.

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Story #2
Contents in videos are not the real deal. Good content is not really necessary to get a hunf=dred thousand views.
Story #3
Harnessing the power of a site traffic. If the video is higher up on the page, the more views it could get.
Story #4
Optimization of the video title.
Story # 5
Strategic Tagging.Dragging the viewers to a rat hole.

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