The Greek Formals: A Tradition Worth Maintaining

It seems that on college campuses across the country, fraternities and sororities are coming under fire. Critics lament their rowdy parties, alcohol-fueled antics, and aggressive recruiting tactics, claiming that fraternities and sororities promote irresponsible drinking and casual sex while also excluding students who aren’t members of Greek organizations. While it’s true that some of these problems exist at some universities, it’s worth noting that Greek letter organizations represent some of the most storied traditions at American colleges and universities.

What are the Greek Formals?

The Gatlinburg Fraternity Formal is a tradition worth maintaining. It’s been in existence for at least 75 years, and has become an annual event that is eagerly anticipated by the fraternity members and their guests. The formal begins with a white-glove dinner where everything from the food to the music to the setting are carefully planned. This provides an environment where students can dress up in tuxedos or gowns and have a wonderful time without having to worry about how they will get home after drinking too much alcohol.

In addition to being an enjoyable night, the Gatlinburg Fraternity Formal also brings in revenue for both the fraternity and other local businesses. The proceeds from ticket sales are used as donations for various charities, including cancer research and children’s hospitals.

Why are they important?

Every year, the Gatlinburg Fraternity hosts a formal for their members. The event is a time for new members to come out and be introduced to their new brothers. It is also an opportunity for current fraternity members to spend time with one another and wear their tuxedos. These events are important because they bring together all the different generations of fraternity brothers who have been in the group over the years. The Gatlinburg Fraternity Formal is a tradition worth maintaining in order to keep all generations represented and connected.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in participating in the Greek Formals, please contact the Dean of Students, who will then coordinate with the fraternity and sorority chapters. Once they have received your registration form, they will send you a confirmation email with all of the information you need to know about the process. The registration fee for both men and women is $110, which includes a corsage and boutonniere for each guest on Saturday evening. In addition to this fee, there is an additional fee to attend an elegant dinner on Friday night ($30 per person) or Sunday brunch ($25 per person). The deadline for registration is February 18th.

What is the impact of the Greek Formals?

For almost three hundred years the fraternity system in America has had a strong presence on university campuses. The Greeks, as they are most often called, have been a fixture of campus life for generations and have often been an important part of our higher education tradition.

However, there is little doubt that we live in an era where the traditional college experience is changing. As colleges grapple with the growing popularity of online learning and increasing numbers of students who do not attend traditional universities like their parents or grandparents did, it is becoming more difficult to maintain this long-standing tradition.

What are some ways to make the Greek Formals more sustainable?

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