Stylish Plus Size Clothing That Will Make You Look and Feel Good

Looking great and feeling confident are two of the best things that can happen to anyone, regardless of their size. While clothing retailers may say one size fits all, these simply aren’t true in all cases. Not all plus-size clothing will fit you well if you don’t wear it correctly, which can lead to your clothes being unflattering or uncomfortable. To help you look and feel amazing every time you wear clothes that are proportionate to your body type, here are some tips on how to choose stylish plus size wholesale clothing that fits your body type perfectly.

Finding clothing online

While most plus-size women are happy to pay top dollar for fashion, they’re also savvy shoppers. And that means they expect to find exactly what they’re looking for at a price they can afford. Fortunately, there are some great online stores that sell not only stylish plus size clothing but affordable designer fashions as well. The trick is knowing how to spot those gems among all of today’s online retail options for plus-size clothing. Here are three tips: 1. Know your body type: It’s important to know what styles look best on you before you start shopping so you don’t waste time trying things on in stores or online that don’t fit right or flatter your figure. For example, if you have wide hips and a flat stomach, you might want to avoid items with horizontal stripes because they tend to emphasize your midsection. Instead, opt for solid colors or vertical stripes instead. If you have broad shoulders and a larger bust line than average, try wearing empire waist dresses with cap sleeves or dresses with ruffles around your neckline; both will help draw attention away from your chest area without making it look like you’re hiding behind layers of fabric.

Finding clothing in stores

The average American woman wears a size 14—which puts her at a disadvantage when it comes to buying clothing at most regular stores. Plus-size women’s clothing is often ordered by retailers in limited quantities, which can result in styles selling out quickly. Fortunately, there’s another option: wholesale plus size clothing. Wholesale plus size dresses are available in all of your favorite brands, but with larger sizes that last longer than a trip to Forever 21. And we’re not talking about shapeless tent dresses either; we’re talking curve-hugging dresses that look good from every angle. Ordering wholesale plus size clothes give you an opportunity to expand your wardrobe without breaking the bank—try some pieces from BeallsFlorida or check out our favorite wholesale sites below for more ideas.

How to make your clothes last longer

When you’re shopping for cheap wholesale plus size clothing, you may be surprised by how much less it costs. But when you look at your bank account next month, you may be even more surprised that despite spending a fraction of what you usually do on clothes, those new pieces didn’t last as long. Did your budget stretch further than your wardrobe? Here are three tips for buying clothes wholesale online or in-store so they’ll last longer Buy high-quality fabrics: It might seem like an oxymoron to buy wholesale plus size clothing made from low-quality fabric, but it happens all too often. If you want to get good value out of your money, don’t skimp on quality—especially if you plan to wear something regularly. Fabric is one of the most important factors when determining how well a piece will hold up over time. Choose fabrics that feel soft against your skin; have some give, and don’t wrinkle easily (like cotton blends). And remember: Cheap fabrics mean poor quality construction—which means more money spent down the line replacing ill-fitting clothes!