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Advance Auto Parts

Local Advance Auto Parts stores provide free services. So whenever the word “free” is mentioned, whether online or in person, I always take it with a grain of salt.

Most of the time, the free item in question isn’t actually free because another purchase is required in order to use it. Bonus, in my opinion, is a better phrase to use, at the very least. Like how WW offers free enrollment after three months of payment.

I just spent $250 per night at a hotel that offered free WiFi. Vista Print offers free business cards, however the cost of delivery is double. You actually have to pay. I just saw a list of the best places to find free services that included Auto Parts Services, so I thought I’d check it out.

If Anything, What Will They Provide You Without Charge?

Zero Cost In-Store Pickup:

In a rush to get certain parts? Even if the best Advance Auto Parts coupon are only valid online, it doesn’t mean you can’t use them. If you opt to pick anything up in person instead of placing an online order, you can have it immediately away. 30 minutes have passed.

Free Battery Testing, Installation, and Recycling:

Every few years, the battery has to be replaced, but you aren’t really warned until the time really comes. What is the recommended battery life for a car? Any app store may provide a free battery check.

They not only sell them but also provide free setup if you decide to buy them. Most garages will charge you an extra $30.

Check Engine Light Scan for Free

Why is the check engine light on is the query. The mechanics demanded $40 the previous time I took my car in for Auto Parts Services merely to look at it and determine why the check engine light was on.

(The malfunctioning gas cap was the issue.) If you want a more in-depth analysis, they could also suggest an expert.

Electrical Testing for Free:

If you are having difficulties getting your car to start at Auto Parts Services, they can repair both your starter and alternator at no cost to you.

Free Installation of Wipers

Okay, so you must pay for it with auto parts and services. This will be referred to as a beneficial extra benefit. The last time I attempted to instal my own windscreen wipers, it took me more than 20 minutes.

Free Recycling of Oil

Used motor oil cannot be flushed down the toilet, as anybody who has changed their own oil will confirm. If you bring it in, they will dispose of it for you. Oil and filter supplies may be purchased for up to $20 less when you get an oil change in-store.

Free Loaner Equipment

Really!? You don’t need to buy a tool if you only use it once every two years. With a security deposit, you are welcome to use their equipment at no cost. such bizarre tools as specialised pullers and spring compressors. Sadly, they are out of eggs and sugar. You’ll have to obtain that from the neighbours.

Free DIY Advice as a Bonus!

help with DIY projects from professionals who have passed the ASE certification test. Unfortunately, very little of that is sold. When I enquired about the blueberry bushes they were offering, it was like asking someone at Home Depot for help on the Irish step dance.

Return Procedure

Returns accepted by Advance Auto Parts must adhere to the guidelines in our return policy.

Verified Purchase

Within 45 days after purchase, any item being returned or exchanged must be in NEW condition, which means it has not been used, installed, and still has all of its original packing and accessories. Returns that do not adhere to our return policy guidelines will not be refunded.

For warranty returns, we reserve the right to issue a refund or an exchange. A legitimate credit card that was used for the transaction must be shown.

lacking a Purchase Proof

You can return NEW products for a full refund or exchange with just your Advance Auto Parts Services Merchandise Credit Card (in their original condition and packing, Unopened and uninstalled, with all original contents). There won’t be any money returned. Returns will be processed using the 45-day sale price.


Items that are electrical or electronic, or that have seals that are broken or missing, cannot be returned. Any items returned that were purchased from a third party will incur a 15% restocking fee.

as office supplies or anything that are special ordered. Shipping costs incurred are not refundable. The return and exchange policies of Advance Auto Parts are subject to change at any moment.

Customers may be requested to present a government-issued picture ID when returning vehicle parts to Advance Auto Parts Services for inspection.

In order to handle returns in accordance with the letter and spirit of all applicable federal, state, and local regulations, we shall maintain a record of your ID information in a company-wide database of customer return activity.

Giving Advance Auto Parts Online Orders

Within 45 days after the original purchase date, online items may be returned to any Advance Auto Parts Services location. Don’t forget to send the packing materials, the merchandise return form, and your first purchase confirmation email. All refunds will be sent back to the original payment channel.

Unless the return is the consequence of a mistake on our part made when delivering Advance auto parts free services, shipping and delivery expenses are not refundable.

Advance Automotive

In the US, Advance Auto Parts Services, Inc. sells automobile components. Customers of the company in Raleigh, North Carolina, include both commercial and residential. As of July 13, 2019, Advance had 4,912 stores in the US and Canada and 150 locations throughout the world.

There are 1,250 independently owned CARQUEST branded outlets in Mexico, the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, and the British Virgin Islands that are serviced by the firm.

The firm sells aftermarket and OEM parts, accessories, batteries, and maintenance supplies for light trucks, large trucks, vans, SUVs, and cars from a variety of countries.


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