Security Guard Services

Security guards are trained to protect people, property and the environment. These professional guards work in a variety of settings, including business establishments and government facilities.

Security guards are highly skilled in active listening, critical thinking, problem sensitivity and collaborative teamwork. They are also able to remain calm and independent in the face of adversity or emergencies.

Protecting People and Property

Security guards deter crime by patrolling and monitoring public areas, such as shopping malls, schools, parks and public plazas. They also help prevent trespassing and unauthorized entry by identifying suspicious behavior.

If a security guard witnesses a crime, they have the right to issue an arrest. This may be for a trespassing violation, such as a person entering a parking lot, or it could be for an offense that is considered felony-like in nature. This arrest can be transferred to the local police department for further action.

Some guards are armed, while others work as unarmed officers. The type of security guard you hire depends on the level of protection that you need for your property, business or other establishment.

When selecting a security guard, look for candidates with previous law-enforcement or security experience. This will allow them to react quickly and effectively to situations that arise on your property.

In addition, you’ll need to make sure that they understand your company’s policies and procedures, especially if they will be handling any sensitive information. These policies and procedures will include the use of cameras, alarms, access control systems and other important security equipment.

As with any job, there are always risks involved, and security guards must be ready to respond to any emergency. This means that they must be trained in first aid and other medical skills so that they can save lives if necessary.

They also need to be prepared to deal with difficult people who might be causing trouble, and they will need to act in a reassuring manner to calm them down. They can help by pointing them in the right direction and answering their questions.

The security guard will need to be able to handle the situation in an appropriate way without being confrontational, which can lead to a host of legal issues for the guard and their employer. In addition, it’s important that the security guard doesn’t infringe on someone else’s privacy and doesn’t do anything that could be construed as threatening or intimidating.

The most important thing to remember when hiring a security guard is that they should never use physical force to protect you or your property, but they can detain suspects in reasonable circumstances. If they do, they must be sure to alert the authorities so that they can take the proper steps to secure and protect their client.

Monitoring and Surveillance

A security guard monitoring system gives you a clear picture of all of your employees’ work performance. With real-time reports, you can quickly identify top performers and guards who may need more training. This information can be easily used to plan additional staffing, improve workplace culture, and help you deliver better service to your customers.

A monitoring system can also increase accountability on the part of your security guards. High-tech systems can provide automatic timekeeping, GPS tracking, and electronic checkpoints that ensure that your guards are showing up on schedule and performing all their duties as expected.

If one of your security guards fails to check in on time, a real-time notification can be sent to the supervisor so that they can immediately take action. Using this system can prevent problems and save money for your business.

It can also be useful for law enforcement, who may want to track a suspicious person who has been seen on surveillance footage. Having a system that can transfer video and photos to mobile devices can help them to catch thieves or other criminals.

Having a security guard monitoring system is a great way to keep your property safe, and it’s an especially good idea for businesses that have a lot of assets or other valuable items on their property. It can help prevent theft and vandalism by identifying when something isn’t quite right and alerting the authorities as needed.

A security guard can monitor a variety of situations, including theft and vandalism. With the proper security equipment and a trained agent, he or she can keep your property secure at all times.

The most common types of incidents that a security guard monitors include unauthorized access, theft, trespassing, and physical threats. These can be prevented with an active camera system that alerts a live agent when unusual or dangerous activity is detected.

Another type of incident that a security guard can monitor is the behavior of people on the premises. Depending on the severity of the situation, they can contact authorities and take further action to resolve it.

Responding to Incidents

Security guards are tasked with responding to incidents, including fires and accidents, as well as crime and vandalism. These tasks require them to be able to communicate with people in distress, offer first aid and CPR, and enforce rules and safety measures. They may also assist emergency responders, provide directional guidance, and perform access control at building entrances.

If a security guard suspects that a person may be in danger or planning a crime, they must alert the authorities. They may also detain the person until help arrives.

The response to a security incident depends on the situation and what the employer prefers. In some cases, a security guard may call the police and inform everyone while in others they may investigate the main cause of alarm and secure the area accordingly.

In any case, a security guard needs to document all the details about the incident on an incident report. These reports can be used as evidence in court, and they should include photos and written statements from witnesses to ensure that they are valid and credible.

A good quality incident report should contain the following elements: The How, the Who, and the What. This section of the report should be written clearly and concisely, using proper grammar and vocabulary. It should be a conversational style that can be understood by a wide range of readers, including property managers, supervisors, jurors, and witnesses.

The Who: This section of the report should include names and descriptions of people involved in the incident. This information will help the police in their investigation if there is any need for one. It will also be useful for insurance companies and plaintiffs’ attorneys in their investigations.

This is also a good time to mention any witnesses or witnesses that were in the area at the time of the incident, and to give them credit for their assistance. It is a good idea to take pictures or video of the scene and make sure these are time-stamped.

A good security incident report should be accompanied by a photo file of the scene and the incident itself, in case there is any need for legal proceedings or further investigation. This will increase the credibility of the report and help it be more believable.


When a security guard sees an incident that involves someone who is trying to harm the people or property they are supposed to protect, they will need to report it to the appropriate authorities. This can be a very unpleasant part of their job, but it is necessary in order to ensure the safety of people and property.

The best way to report incidents is to write a detailed, professional report about the situation. This will help protect your reputation and the reputation of your company in general.

In addition, a good report will also help you identify the root cause of the incident and respond to it. This will increase your chances of preventing similar situations from occurring in the future.

Besides a detailed description of the event, it is important to include contact information for any witnesses and a physical description of anyone involved in the incident. It is also a good idea to include photographs of the scene in the report.

You should also ask questions that will lead to more details about the event and its causes. This will help you gather all the information you need to write the report correctly.

One of the biggest issues that security companies face when they use paper reports is that guards sometimes forget to fill in crucial pieces of information. Digital reporting tools can help you overcome this problem by allowing you to designate certain information fields as mandatory. This will make it easier to guarantee that every guard includes all of the relevant details in their report.

Another way to make your reporting process simpler is to implement a system that automatically submits reports to your client. This will allow you to send daily activity reports and incident reports to your clients in real-time, and it will help you save a lot of time.

Using a system like this will also save you money in the long run as you won’t have to pay for expensive paper copies of all of your reports. The reports will automatically be sent to your customer, and they’ll be able to easily view them online. This is a great way to boost retention and show your customers that you care about their business.


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