Read this before going to Dubai!

Read this before going to Dubai!

Dubai is a city with a vast variety of cultures. Tourism in Dubai shows no sign of slowing. More than 8 million international tourists were welcomed by this city in the first six months of the year. An increase of 10.6 percent of the same was noticed in the same period in 2016. Dubai, United Arab Emirates offers the exotic escape most travelers seek for life. You ought to get attracted by the city’s mystical beaches and its mesmerizing nightlife. 

Surely, there is something for everyone in the oasis of the desert. If you have heard about sirens and their power of attraction, you will experience such things in this city. In this blog, you will know about the most vital things that you must know before booking ; for example, the perfect time to visit Dubai, flight options available, the proper way of dressing and many more.

10 Things to Know Before Traveling To Dubai

  1. Visit between October and April
  2. Look at flights six months ahead
  3. Book your hotel months in advance
  4. Show respect during Ramadan
  5. Dress modestly
  6. Ask permission before taking pictures
  7. Should you tip?

Look at all these ‘7 things to know before travelling to Dubai’, which are all one of a kind.

  1. Visit between October and April

There are only two seasons in Dubai – hot and hotter. The Winter season usually stays between October and April. During this time, you will find bright blue skies and perfect beach weather. However, this season brings rain too, but generally, rain showers don’t last long. As a result, you should not let this factor affect your travel date.

  1. Look at flights six months ahead

About six months before your departure dates, you should frequently check on the updates of international airlines as they release their cheapest seats. However, this does not mean that you should buy your tickets ahead of time. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to start looking and comparing prices. At the newest, you should buy your tickets at least one month in advance.

  1. Book your hotel months in advance

Dubai is gradually becoming a popular vacation spot and, also because October to April is the prime time for tourists to visit this place, you should be sure you have a nice place, like ‘Atlantis, The Palm’, ‘One and Only Royal Mirage Hotel’, Jumeirah Beach Hotel’, and many more. To do so, book your Dubai hotel reservation in advance to experience a good stay. Checkout Dubai Honeymoon Packages.

  1. Show respect during Ramadan

If you are visiting during the holy month of Ramadan, which is celebrated during the ninth month of the 12-month Islamic calendar, do respect the Muslims and their practice of fasting. This implies you can’t eat, drink, or smoke in the open in front of them. This is restricted during the time frame from sunrise to sunset.

  1. Dress modestly

As you sort out your vacation clothes from your wardrobe, save a minute to think, “what sort of dress I should wear in Dubai”. The answer to this question is you should not wear revealing and flashy clothes. Women’s clothing is considered obscene if it is short, tight or transparent. Whereas coming to men, they should never walk without a shirt on. Respect the Muslim culture and dress appropriately to avoid unwanted attention.

  1. Ask permission before taking pictures

It is better if you ask permission before taking a picture of or with a stranger. It is okay if you take a scenic shot in a major touristy area. However, never take a picture of a Muslim woman without her permission. Also, don’t take snaps of any government buildings, airports, military areas or installations, etc.

  1. Should you tip?

Tipping is not that popular in Dubai. However, it is a common practice. Moreover, most restaurants will be adding a tip to your bill. You may or may not tip taxi drivers as they don’t expect to receive one. Nevertheless, luggage carriers and supermarket baggers are given a small tip for their services.

Now, as you have already gone through these ‘7 things to know before travelling to Dubai’, what are you waiting for? This article will offer you a lot of information that you don’t know about Dubai, so read this before going to Dubai. Trust me! You won’t regret the chance. If you need help, visit Pickyourtrail and choose a suitable package from the many pre-packaged Dubai tour packages. Additionally, customise your itinerary according to your choices and preferences. Have a nice vacay ahead!


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