PayFac Providers Other Than Stripe


As businesses become increasingly modernized, there is the need to occupy an online space where digital transactions are the norm. But there’s a catch; unlike physical transactions, digital transactions are pretty bothersome when it comes to processing.

Luckily, payment facilitation (PayFac) providers make accepting payments easier without going through all the hassles. Stripe has established itself as one of the most reliable PayFac providers in the market, but there are other great options.

In this article, we’ll have a closer look at those options so that you can consider them when looking for a PayFac provider. Let’s jump in!


Tilled is the best stripe alternative if you want to accept online payments while making a little profit. With a merchant-friendly payment facilitation model of 0.07% + $0.05 per transaction, you have enough capacity to make money and increase your profit margins.

It’s pretty simple. You will get a payment processing revenue share of 66% after Tilled deducts their rates from the customers’ money. So if the payment facilitation price is set to 2.9% +$0.30, tilled first removes 0.07% + $0.05, and then your revenue share is calculated from the remaining amount.

Even though you won’t make much money if you have a smaller volume of transactions, the little you make means you are not spending a fortune to have your payments processed. What’s more, Tilled offers a straightforward onboarding process with great integration options.


This is another excellent alternative to Stripe, which uses variable interchange rates to offer budget-friendly processing fees to its customers. They use an interchange-plus pricing model with variable speeds for interchange charges. Some factors that affect the interchange costs are the type of card used for payment, the industry that the business is in, and the payment type (in-person or online).

For online payments, the average pricing comes to 2.38% + $0.25, while the average pricing for in-person payments has an average rate of 1.92% + $0.08. In addition to having a variable rate that paves the way for reduced rates where possible, Helcim has no monthly fees.

Stax Connect

If you are looking for a PayFac provider offering an easy onboarding process and effortless integrations, try Stax. However, one of the critical points you should keep in mind about Stax is that it works best for established companies.

This provider also offers extra invoicing, accounting, and e-commerce features. The processing cost per transaction will be the interchange rate plus 7-15 cents. There’s also a monthly fee that starts at $99 and can go up to $199, which supports the idea that this PayFac is best for established companies.


This payment facilitation provider is an excellent choice for businesses with multiple sales channels. Such channels can include online media, mobile apps, and in-person payments. Since the parent company of Elavon is U.S. Bank, customers that use this PayFac can access various funding options that wouldn’t be available when using other PayFacs.

The only major downside you may encounter when using Elavon is the need for a transparent pricing model. Custom pricing works well when the businesses in consideration have unique needs. However, comparing the rates to other PayFacs is difficult, so there’s always the question of whether you are getting a fair rate.

Square Payments

Square is among the most common Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions on the market. It’s easy to understand why this is the case. As a solution that is easy to use, fast to integrate, and loaded with plenty of valuable features, you get everything you need in one place.

Square also makes it easy to produce and track invoices after sending them to your customers. Their pricing model is currently at 2.6% plus 10 cents per transaction, promising no-extra fees or long-term contracts.

Go beyond Stripe today.

With lots of options coming up regarding payment processing, it’s easier to find a model that is a perfect fit for your business. So, don’t be afraid to make a change.

At Tilled, we work effortlessly to provide a payment facilitation model that will work great for businesses of all kinds. And even when we can’t help, we are always glad to give you recommendations to grow your business.

Try us out today, and we can join efforts to take your business to the next level.