Improvements Made to SCHEELS

Scheels Fargo

You can choose from a wide variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Previously, we didn’t think our local Scheels Fargo could improve, but they’ve impressed us.
More than 40,000 square feet were added during the recent renovation and expansion.

Making Room for Growth

Despite the fact that many businesses are struggling in the current economy, sporting goods stores appear to be thriving. Thanks to rivalry amongst the major chains, families now have a nice place to go when the weather is bad.
So, we made a trip to Scheels to check out any strange new items they might have. Involving the next generation offered us insight into the reaction of the next generation. Scheels provides a discount to active duty and veteran military members scheels military discount .

Adolescent Footwear & Apparel

The Scheels Fargo underwent significant renovations that made it the largest retailer of children’s and young people’s clothing and footwear in the greater Fargo-Moorhead area.


You should visit the newly renovated Scheels Fargo if you have a sweet tooth while in Fargo. From new favourites to old standbys, everyone has a chance of finding a candy here that takes them back to their youth.
Employee-made delicacies sit side by side with well-known brands like Jelly Belly and Dippin’ Dots. Most people love caramel apples and chocolates that have been hand-dipped.

Buy It Now, Pick It Up Later

Scheels Fargo has upgraded the shopping experience by installing a BOPIS zone just inside the entrance. Your order of apparel, footwear, bicycles, basketball hoops, trampolines, and more can be packaged, shipped, and delivered to you in as little as two hours.
The SCHEELS app streamlines your online shopping experience by allowing you to create digital wish lists, collect digital rewards, and more.


Ginna’s Café is the perfect place to recharge after a day of shopping. At this SCHEELS’ mainstay, you may have gourmet soups, sandwiches, fudge, and coffee (bags can be purchased to brew at home and drinks are half-priced between 9 and 10 a.m.)

Store Selling Children’s Toys

Next to Fuzziwig’s Candy Shop and the children’s clothing racks, SCHEELS has a dedicated toy section in the basement. Take care of all three at once to make your child’s trip to Scheels Fargo a memorable one.

In the Fitness Boutique

The updated health and fitness shop may now be found on the first floor! There’s plenty of space for supplementary recuperative tools, vitamins, food, and other necessities.

Upgraded Weapons Storage

The redesigned SCHEELS gun room features a contemporary sporting firearms room, a premium gun room featuring collector guns, and a new gun customer service/checkout area.
Also, the family can have fun together at Scheels Fargo’s top floor interactive activities.

Recent Photo Opportunities

Even if you don’t buy anything, a trip to Scheels Fargo is always worth it just to browse the store’s selection. The newly updated store has several picturesque settings perfect for photographing and sharing with friends and family on social media.

Recent Chairman

Great-great-grandson Great-grandson The current CEO of SCHEELS is Steve M. Scheel, while Steve D. Scheel is the Chairman of the Board. The day-to-day operations of SCHEELS are under the direction of President Todd Anderson, who is responsible for the company’s more than 10,000 employees.

How ridiculous!

We followed Crystal’s advice and went to Scheels Fargo. She was particularly interested in them because of their novel kinds of entertainment. The 65-foot indoor ferris wheel is, without a question, the highlight of the fair.
Like you, I let out a thunderous sigh of relief within. A huge atrium takes up the most of the interior space. An elevator is required to bring the object inside.
Our attention was immediately captured by the enormous aquarium that stretched the entire length of the store. Crystal and our granddaughter Scheels Fargo chose to wait in line for it because it wasn’t too long of a wait. We thought the one dollar admission was fair.

Diagonal Revolving Theater

The massive Ferris wheel is without a doubt Scheels Fargo’s most notable feature. Incorporating a Ferris wheel inside is a fantastic idea. Tokens can be purchased for $1 apiece at one of the two registers located near the store’s front and back doors.
Recently, my friends and I waited in line for about fifteen minutes to ride the Ferris wheel on Scheels. Due to a regulation requiring all visitors to be at least 36 inches tall, the mother and child were forced to sit on the floor. Our three-year-old nonetheless had a terrific time despite the long wait in line for the Ferris wheel.

Happy Conclusion

We’d been on the road for a while with our expedition, so we decided to reward ourselves. Afterwards, we made our way downstairs to the deli and confectionery store. There are various delicacies to choose from, including more than a dozen varieties of fudge.
Not too far from where I was standing on Scheels Fargo, those with bigger appetites could purchase gelato and deli foods. Young people hurried out of the store with their purchases. Outside the building, on our way to the car, we saw a number of bronze statues.

Scheels Arena in Fargo, North Dakota, is a great place to go ice fishing.

The Fargo Ice Fishing and Winter Sports Show returns for its fourth year to Scheels Fargo Arena. Scheels Arena and the adjacent Farmers Union Arena will be filled to capacity with more than ninety-five vendors for this weekend’s event.
The admission price is waived for children younger than 12 years old. Daily tickets are $12, and weekend passes are $36. On show at the expo will be the largest indoor wheelhouse display, as well as the latest innovations in the ice fishing sector.
“There is also custom rod builders, custom painters, there is just a little bit of everything and something that you don’t actually see every day,” show director Tony Aloia said. Visitors can check out the newest offerings in the industry and also schedule appointments with travel agencies and hotels.

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