How To Increase Your Farming Efficiency

Agriculture and farming is the main source of income for rural Indians. It is the backbone of the Indian economy. Hence productivity becomes essential for various reasons. Producing more food affects the growth of the market, labour migration and revenue. The distribution of limited resources increases agricultural productivity. Therefore understanding the improvement of production is an important element of productive farming. Improvements in techniques in the field of agriculture give farmers a chance to increase productivity and maintain farms’ sustainability.

Better quality of seeds, chemical fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides also increased productivity. Government initiative to supply and spread the electricity installation provided the resources for irrigation, thus improving productivity. You should read how the spread of electricity helped farmers in Palampur.

Let us learn some methods to improve farming efficiency to increase productivity.

Enactment Of Land Reforms

Land reforms are the most important point to improve productivity. It is done by machines, tractors and modern implements. This equipment has qualities to make rough areas smooth to work on them efficiently. Working on plain fields is easy and is the best method to increase production.


It is a practice of farming in which different crops are grown together with the main crop at the same time. It is the best way to maximise production as both get mature at the same time providing more income. It prevents weed competition hence increasing productivity. It also contributes significantly to soil fertility and prevents soil erosion.

Dense Planting

One of the simplest ways to improve the productivity of farms is to plant crops closer and denser. This prevents the soil from erosion and binds the soil tightly. Growing vegetables away can lead to the abandonment of large areas.

Raised Beds

In the traditional farming system, separate beds with many rows were made by tractors where crops were planted separately. The beds are of the same width which is permanent in which multiple crops are grown.  This system creates dense plantations, few spaces and more growing areas. Beds are generally of raised type to improve the productivity of crops.

Smart Water Management

We all know water is the most essential need for planting crops. Management of water increases productivity. People use the artificial irrigation method to enhance productivity. Different methods of irrigation like sprinkler irrigation systems can increase productivity by more than 50%. Tube wells and canal manufacturing are better irrigation systems for crop safety.

Heat Tolerance

Growing heat tolerant varieties are very useful as it allows the plant to withstand high temperature and maintain yields. Improving and growing more heat-tolerant varieties will increase the crop yield significantly.

Using Nitrogen

Nitrogen plays a very important role in plants as it provides the basic nutrient for plant growth. Many crops will die in the absence of nitrogen. Around 100 million tonnes of nitrogen are applied to crops annually. It can be introduced in the form of fertilizers that helps them to grow stronger and better. Nitrogen application increases the life span of plants and their production as well.

Improved Seeds

Application of best quality seeds is a very important aspect of crop production. Improved seeds enhance farm productivity significantly which helps farmers economically.

Plant Protection

Protection of crops from insects, pests and diseases is of utmost importance. Farmers use insecticides and medicines which are developed in recent years to increase production. Governments must take steps to make farmers aware of ways to spray pesticides and insecticides. How, when and how much should be sprayed per hectare are to be taught to the farmers. We should protect our crops by keeping a slogan meri fasal mera byora


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