How to Draw A Cartoon Chicken Easily

Draw A Cartoon Chicken

How to Draw A Cartoon Chicken. Animals are a common subject for cartoon character creation, and it’s easy to see why when you consider how diverse and diverse many animals are.

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Birds are particularly common in turning into cartoon characters, and chickens are even more common!

Chickens have a lot of personalities and a cool look, and we’re going to show you how to draw a cartoon chicken in the tutorial below!

At the end of these steps, you’ll be able to draw and customize your cartoon creation! You can also add your additional details and color options at the end.

How to Draw A Cartoon Chicken

Step 1

Let’s start from the top in this first step of our how-to draw a cartoon chicken guide! This is getting literal since we’re going to start with this chicken head.

You can start by drawing two oval shapes for the outlines of the eyes and then add more rounded shapes with dots for the pupils.

The beak goes just below the eyes and has pointed tips at the ends of each half with details such as the nose and tongue.

Finally, we use curvy, wavy lines for the crest on top of the head and the rounded wave coming down under the beak. Then go to step 2 of the guide!

Step 2

The head for your cartoon chicken drawing is ready for now, so let’s start drawing the body!

The line at the front of the neck turns into some sharp, jagged lines showing where the feathers on the neck meet those on the chest.

Draw another smooth, curved line down from the front of these jagged lines, which will do for this second step.

Step 3

Every chicken needs wings and a tail; we will add these two aspects in the next part. We’re going to start with the wing, and it’s easy to draw.

It is drawn with many curved lines that are connected. The lines at the front and top of the wing are long and smooth, but the tip is drawn with many smaller curved lines.

Next, add small curved lines inside the wing for extra texture detail.

Finally, to draw the tail feathers, use a few more curved lines to create the long, rounded shapes we’re depicting in our reference image.

Step 4

In our fourth step of how to draw a cartoon chicken guide, you will draw the top halves of the legs before completing them in the next step.

The tops of the legs are covered in feathers and we’re going to depict this with curved lines for the sides.

We will draw the edge of the tops of the legs with many smaller curved lines with pointed tips, where the second half of the legs will sprout.

Speaking of the leg pieces, we’re going to draw them along with all the final details in the next step of the guide.

Step 5

You are ready to finish this cartoon chicken drawing with some final details. This mainly involves drawing the rest of the legs.

If you’ve ever seen a chicken’s legs, you know that they have a rough, leathery texture.

We represent this by drawing some thin legs and slightly curved lines for long toes in the front of each foot and one in the back. Each finger also has a small, pointed nail at the end.

Refine the legs and feet by drawing small curved lines across the legs and toes to create the signature texture.

After drawing those final details, you can also draw a fun background or some extra details to make this amazing drawing even better!

Step 6

We kept the colors a bit softer and more realistic for our sample image of this design.

We used brown for the head and neck feathers and lighter shades of brown for the rest.

Finally, we used yellow for the beak and legs. These are all colors you could use for your cartoon chicken, but feel free to use any other color you like!

You can use other colors if you want to maintain a realistic look, but you can also use other fun and stylish colors.

Your Cartoon Chicken Drawing is Finished!


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