How to Log Into Disney Plus Using An 8-Digit Code

How to Log Into Disney Plus Using An 8-Digit Code

Logging into Disney Plus is relatively straightforward. However, if you have an 8-digit code linked to your account, it can be tricky to figure out how to use it. Here’s a simple guide on how to log into Disney Plus using an 8-digit codevisit

Step 1: Find the 8-Digit Code Associated with Your Account

If you are unsure of which 8-digit code is associated with your account, the best place to look for this information is in your Disney+ email confirmation email. Look for a 16-character string that consists of two separate parts. The first part of the string will be 8 digits and the second half will be letters or numbers. This is your 8-digit code.

Step 2: Open Disney Plus and Select Sign In

Once you have identified your 8-digit code, open up Disney+ and select the “Sign In” option go to website You’ll see a page asking for either a username/password or an activation code (the 8-digit one).

Step 3: Enter Your 8-Digit Code

Now enter the 8-digit activation code you found associated with your account in the space provided for activation codes and click “Activate”. This should take you through to a page where you can fill in additional details such as your name, date of birth (if known), etc. Now click “Sign Up” and accept any terms/conditions then hit proceed. That’s it! You’ve successfully logged into your Disney + account using an 8-digit code!

Enjoy watching all of your favorite movies, TV shows, and more on Disney+ website!

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