How Long Does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat?

Snap streaks is a most popular Snapchat function to hold song of the way long a user has communicated with another person, using the App.

If you often exchange Snap with every other Snapchatter every 24 hours for three days in a row, the Hourglass image will cross and a fire symbol will come.

These symbols indicate how long the discussion has been happening, displaying the exact wide variety of days.

Snapchat’s help section has nowhere stated how long does the hourglass ultimate on Snapchat? So a number of Snapchatters desired to recognise the answer to this question.

We have examined the Snapchat App for several days and come to a meaningful conclusion in this regard.

So here we are sharing our findings and sheer beneficial records approximately Snapchat streaks and hourglass functions. Stay tuned.

What Is Snapchat’s Hourglass Symbol?

If you’re nonetheless pressured about what the hourglass sign means, you’re not the most effective one, and this submit will help.

Whenever you spot an hourglass icon, it indicates your streak with a friend is about to cease. This sign is statistics which you have a few hours left to renew the streak before the hourglass icon disappears.

The sight of this, that’s a notice to take action fast, alerts Snapstreak customers while their streak is set to expire.

This signal aids customers in remembering to transmit snaps to one another to hold the SnapStreak jogging as regular.

The streak’s length is decided handiest with the aid of the mixture variety of pictures taken through someone and transmitted to any other user.

Snap Score, textual content messages, or decal messages will no longer be taken under consideration.

The hourglass will appear next to the user’s profile and to the profile of whoever the consumer is sharing the streak with, as a sign that the streak is ready to cease until both of the customers shares a snap.

How Long Does The Hourglass Last?

It’s time to cope with yet another hot question: how long does the timer ultimate on snap? The hourglass isn’t an excellent signal for the destiny if you need to preserve a Snapstreak going.

You’ll must hold your Snapchat sport on factor until you and your buddies decide to interrupt the streak, both personally or collectively, to keep the streak going for walks.

Several Snapchat users declare that the hourglass lasts for 2 to a few hours earlier than breaking your streak. Many others, then again, believe it lasts between four and seven hours.

Due to an ok lack of info on the help web page, there’s no pertinent solution to how long does hourglass closing on Snapchat?

Some speculate that the elusive technology exists due to the fact no longer all streaks receive identical attention.

The most popular hourglass sign can also flash as much as 7 hours of warning following months of regular use. The image may additionally best appear for 2 hours in case your streak is just a few days antique.

How To Get Rid Of Snapchat’s Horrible Hourglass?

We can simplest make estimations as to how long does the hourglass ultimate due to the fact there is no respectable assertion for how long it’ll closing.

According to Snapchat, you and the man or woman on either side of the streak should share at the least one snap every 24 hours.

The hourglass strikes after 24 hours. You may additionally avoid worrying approximately Snapchat’s shrinking hourglass timer by the use of those techniques.

Rather Than Sending Chat Messages, Send A Snap

Avoiding the Snapchat streak timer by sending a Snap as opposed to a text message is a easy and easy manner to do it.

As a outcome, you can keep your witty demeanor at the same time as encouraging the receiver to ship a snap-in reply.

So in place of texting or messaging a specific character. Hold in mind to snap at them in case you need to bring a brief or quick message.

Send a Morning Greeting

Take the initiative of sending a “Good Morning” photograph to your buddies first thing inside the morning. It’s a simple manner to bypass Snapchat’s hourglass timer.

Make it a routine to want for beautiful mornings via sending Snaps. By doing that, you don’t want to worry approximately jogging out of time for streaks.

Take and ship one selfie each day to begin your day. As formerly indicated, there’s a easy way of ensuring that the Snapchat streak timer isn’t shown.

Create A Snapstreak Shortcut For Your Friends

This is the first-rate and quickest choice. We trust we need to supply a snap to keep the most popular streak going but when you have a long listing of friends, this becomes time-consuming.

And therefore we often keep away from SNAPing to a number of our much less communicated buddies. Snapchat Shortcuts are useful for making sure you don’t pass over someone at the same time as sending streaks.

Adding the ShortCut on your smartphone’s home display will remind you to make use of it frequently. With the Shortcut feature, those of us who are famously slow to act can be encouraged to alternate Snaps.

Snap For The Sake Of Snap

Take a clean or blacked-out shot to preserve the most popular hourglass indicator at rest. If keeping your Snap streak alive is greater essential than the sort of Snap you’re sending.

Make certain the individual whom you’re sending such Snaps is privy to your plans in order that they aren’t taken by using wonder by using the pointless snap.

Notify The Other Party

A most popular Snapstreak is based on a return, so even if you’re doing all of your part. Ensure the user with whom you’re trading snaps is knowing that you’re serious about keeping your Snapstreak going.

Ensure the person is as devoted to the Snap streak as you are. In any other case, the streak will certainly be lost all the time if they fail to send you a snap in time.


If you don’t see the hourglass right away, you could have a few hours remaining to hold the streak. Please touch your friend as quickly as viable and trade Snaps.

System issues or busy buddies who aren’t looking to capture up with their ordinary Snapchat hobby may purpose streaks to vanish.

If you’re most popular approximately keeping a streak going. All you need to do is exchange snaps at a minimal as soon as an afternoon.

That’s the entirety there could be to know about the streak timer and its functions on Snapchat. We desire this has replied the questions you had regarding Snapchat’s hourglass.

You may additionally get used to it very fast if you put in some attempt for a quick quantity of time. It’s certainly simple to shift to the new approach of sharing snaps and being interactive after a bit length of adjustment.


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