Guidelines To Help You Write An Obituary

Whether you are hiring a funeral home or planning a funeral yourself, you will need to write an obituary. There are basic standards you will need to follow. Below you craft a strong and honorable obituary for your loved one that just passed away.

While you may not want to overburden yourself while you mourn, an obituary is something people will read through in the coming years. You may also need a funeral home in Washington to help you through the planning process. Below are a few tips to guide you through the writing process.

#1. Conduct a research

Research is necessary to prevent mistakes when writing important dates like the birthday of the deceased, their graduation day, and their wedding day. You should also list the titles your loved one had even when they were alive, and this should be listed correctly.

#2. Announce the death

Generally, you need to open a formal obituary by announcing the death, the date, and the location. Thankfully, including your cause of death is not something you are under pressure to do; however, you should always include it if you are comfortable doing it.

#3. Include a brief story of anecdotes

You also need to add an anecdote or short story when trying to illustrate the character of your loved one. You can either use something that is courageous, comical, and also impressive. This anecdote should represent how well your loved one lived their life.

#4. Do not forget to include every relevant family

If the deceased leaves behind any surviving family member, then you need to add to you the obituary towards the end. This list generally includes close members of the family who passed away. This includes the first family of the deceased, which includes the spouse or children. You can also include siblings and grandchildren. If the deceased family is very large, you may decide to write something like “numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.” Pets are also not left out of the listing process.

#5. Include the funeral information

Generally, it is at the end of the obituary that you write down information about the funeral home in Washington. You should ensure that the list containing the location, time, and date of the funeral is correct. You can also mention the charity available for people that want to make a commemorative donation as you draw the obituary to a close. 


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