Eye-Catching Log Siding Home Exterior Ideas

The exterior of your log siding home doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s ideas or stock plans found online. Some eye-catching ideas add curb appeal and excitement to any log siding or full log home. These ideas make living in your house more enjoyable and they can increase its market value. Consider using one or more of them when building or remodeling.

  • Smart-looking roofing
  • A unique color scheme
  • Snazzy front entrance
  • Rustic stonework 
  • Second-floor verandas

The cost of these extras will depend on the quality of the materials used, where you live, and the construction company. Once you select any of these refinements, get bids from three contractors and follow up on one of them. If you possess skills that allow you to do some of the work, you can save a substantial amount. 

Log Home Ideas: Roofing That Has Character

Your log home can be enhanced with roofing materials other than asphalt shingles. They will accomplish the same practical purpose and look sharp too. They vary in their durability, benefits, and costs. The favorite choices from which you may choose include:

  • Steel – This material is very durable, has low maintenance, comes in many colors, and warranties can cover up to 50 years. Cost: About $500 per square
  • Architectural Shingles – These shingles are a step up from common asphalt shingles. They provide more depth and texture and come with lengthy warranties. Cost: About $90 per square
  • Copper – Copper roofing develops a beautiful green patina over time. It is the most durable and can last 100 years or more. Holes can be sealed with soldering. Cost: About $1,000 per square
  • Wood Shingles or Shakes – Wood roofing is typically made from western red cedar because it is so resistant to decay. This material can also be treated with a preservative. Cost: About $200 per square.

These costs are national averages and will vary with the supplier and/or contractor.

Try Unique Color Schemes

Unique color schemes are popular today to add zest to any exterior. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a combination of colors that express your personality and décor for:

  • Log walls
  • Doors & Entryways
  • Window frames
  • Chimneys
  • Roofing
  • Landscaping

Some favorite colors for log siding homes include canyon red, hazelnut, red cedar, weathered gray, and wheat. Canyon red is a great choice for the Southwest. Hazelnut provides a beautiful and rich brown color. Red cedar helps maintain a natural and authentic log home look. Weathered gray adds a modern feel to log homes. Wheat is a lighter color that brings out the natural wood grain. The other items in the list above can be colored with matching or contrasting colors to add pizzazz and style to your home. 

Log Home Ideas: Snazzy Front Entrance

One of the first things anyone notices when entering a log home is the front entrance. For a little more cost you can make yours a showplace.  Some popular additions include:

  • A separate roof supported by peeled log posts
  • A log truss under the roof
  • Stonework to walk on
  • Professional lighting
  • A bench or chair
  • Sharp-looking paint
  • A large rustic door

This is not an all-inclusive list because there are many more possibilities. Get more ideas from this informative article. 

Rustic Stonework Looks Inviting

Some stonework provides an air of strength and rustic appeal to any log siding home. There are some common places to install professional-looking stonework, such as:

  • As skirting at the ground level
  • Around the front entryway
  • Flower beds and landscaping
  • Chimneys and steps
  • Partial walls
  • Along a walkway
  • Patios and decks

The stone and cement colors can vary to create a unified theme or contrasting areas around the house. You can use natural stonework or some manufactured stone in creating your designs.

Second-Floor Verandas

A veranda is an open-air porch with a roof over it and generally has a railing that extends along its length. It is often attached to larger homes and homes with two of them are amazing. 

This log home has two verandas on the second floor where you can step out of the bedrooms and enjoy the fresh air. Verandas do not have screens, windows, or walls that can block the views. They can be built on the front or back of your log home and add a distinctive look to it.

We hope these topics will provide some ideas for enhancing the exterior of your log home.


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