Top 5 Best Educational Apps For Teacher And Student

Best Educational Apps For Teacher

Educational Apps For Teacher: People worldwide are increasingly turning to online teaching as a source of income. The advantages it has over traditional teaching methods make it widely adopted. 

Flexibility in working hours, the chance to reach a wider audience, and the availability of online resources are just a few of the benefits.

Best Free Educational Apps For Teacher Online 2023

You can teach your students these apps by installing them, asking them to join, and starting immediately. Likewise, teachers who teach online or want to conduct private classes should use these apps.

You can run an online teaching business or an online academy using these apps. Furthermore, there is no limit to how long you can use these apps. With a brief introduction and advantages, these are five of the best educational apps for teacher Android and Windows apps.

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1. Skype

Video communication is easy with Skype, which is a free app. Skype’s tools make it easy for teachers and students to interact online during a class. 

With Skype, you can easily switch between video, audio, and chat functions. In addition, sharing files makes it simple for teachers to give assignments to students, review homework, and take tests.

Key Features

  • Recording of the screen
  • Polling
  • PowerPoint Presentations

Easy Use

Skype is easily downloaded; you can sign up and use its features. You can also get assistance with your problem by going to the help page.

Accessibility Options

In addition to providing a narrated screen reader, voiceovers, magnifier, and high-contrast settings, it also converts speech into text for people with disabilities that prevent them from reading text on the screen.

2. Google Classrooms

The best online teaching app is Google Classroom. Google Apps for Education introduces this free application. This application makes communication with students, organization, collaboration, and assignment management easier.

Creating a classroom can be done by teachers, who then share the code with the students or invite them via email.

Key Features

  • Online classes
  • System of Custom Grading
  • Class discussion via virtual reality
  • Lightweight and compact
  • System for Assignments
  • Easy set-up and login


Screen readers are useful for people with low vision. In addition, the Google Classroom Mobile app is available on iOS and Android, with VoiceOver for iOS and TalkBack for Android.

3 Microsoft Teams

For teachers and educational institutions, Microsoft Teams can be a great tool to assist them in engaging with students more effectively. With its many features, the platform ensures quality experiences, whether collaborating on a class document or holding an online class.

In Teams, you can automatically chat, assign work, interact with documents, and grade assignments.

Key Features

  • SharePoint storage of Documents
  • Auto Recording
  • Shared screen
  • Grading automatically
  • Assignments
  • Text and video chat
  • Simple to use
  • Sign-up is easy
  • Fast speed

4 Zoom

Since the global pandemic began, Zoom has been used for online teaching, team meetings, and team huddles. With this app, teachers have access to a wide audience.

The app is primarily used for video conferencing and has no LMS features, but many teachers and students have benefited from it despite security concerns.


  • Conferences via video
  • Make meeting arrangements
  • Make your background unique
  • Easy to use
  • Accessible screen reader
  • Teacher retains full control

Easy Use

Zoom has an easy-to-use interface. To start a class, you need to sign up and sign in.

5 Google Meet

Video conferencing can be conducted with Google Meet, a similar app to Zoom. A lot of teachers and schools are using Google Meet during the Pandemic.

However, it doesn’t have a learning management system, so you can’t communicate with students or take classes.


  • Meetings are unlimited
  • Use of videoconferencing
  • Capture of live events
  • Sharing screens
  • Text messages

Easy Use

Zoom is an extremely easy-to-use application. The app can be downloaded by anyone and used for teaching purposes.


This application allows captions to be added to live classes and automated transcripts to be produced. Screen Readers are also supported.


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