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In a desire to understand health information, people often oversimplify reality. Potato chips, for example, have long been known as junk food. In fact, cooking French fries quickly preserves their nutrients better than mashed, boiled or baked potatoes. Ounce for ounce, potato chips provide more nutrients than other types of potatoes. However, since the fries are cooked in oil, they are high in fat and calories and not recommended for people trying to lose weight. The tendency to simplify and generalize San Fernando volume can be curbed by recognizing that the truth is not simple for most health issues.

Health discoveries take time

Health discoveries often make headlines, but the rule of thumb in science is that results should be reproducible. Health information based on a dramatic discovery is often only valid if confirmed by multiple follow-up studies or experiments.

Current criteria for reliable health information

Health information must be valid, reliable and based on scientifically controlled studies. Validity means accuracy in health research. If a study is well designed and conducted, the results are likely to be valid. For example, it has been found in the laboratory that adding vitamin E to human cells stimulates cell division and growth. This has been used to support the erroneous conclusion that vitamin E slows the aging process. This was not a correct generalization because a simple laboratory experiment is not a valid procedure for demonstrating something as complex as aging.

Reliability is another important criterion for evaluating health information

 And refers to the ability to consistently verify health claims. If a claim is credible, it can be consistently demonstrated in any investigation. Researchers speak of results as statistically significant when considered reliable. Statistical significance means that there is less than a 5% chance that the results of a study are purely coincidental. That is, 95 out of 100 similar studies will yield similar results. However, as thousands of studies have been conducted, some studies that yield statistically significant results ultimately turn out to be inaccurate. As a result, it takes hundreds of studies, most of them conflicting, to reach a consensus on a particular health issue. Any worthwhile voluma San Fernando CA must be based on a large number of studies or experiments conducted over many years.

Health information must also be the subject of scientifically controlled double-blind studies.

 The classic study involves at least two groups, one of which is the experimental group and undergoes some kind of experimental treatment, and the other is the control group and does not receive any treatment. The double-blind nature of a study means that neither the investigator nor the subjects know who received the experimental treatment. For example, if a researcher wants to prove that a certain brand of soap prevents athlete’s foot, two groups are needed. One uses the experimental soap and the other uses a placebo or a soap substitute. The researchers using the soap treatment did not want to know what soap they were using, nor did the subjects in the experimental and control groups. Thus, if there were significantly fewer cases of athlete’s foot in the experimental group, the results could be attributed to the treatment.

The experimental control, double-blind requirements of scientific research is a difficult standard to meet. When evaluating new health claims, consumers should inquire about the nature and structure of the work behind the claims. A final judgment of a scientifically controlled study is the characteristics of the study population. Scientific research requires random sampling of subjects who represent the general racial, religious, sexual and cultural characteristics of the population. Medical inventions should not be based on a voluma San Fernando CA of homogeneous or similar subjects. Largely human, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trials provide the strongest evidence of reliable knowledge. Remember that real breakthroughs in medical research are the greatest exception.

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