Argumentative vs Descriptive Essay: Basic Differences You Must Know!

An essay is a type of academic writing written mostly to inform or persuade someone. There are many different types of an essay. An argumentative and descriptive essay are two types of essays among those. An argumentative essay is focused on making arguments about a certain point of view and making things clear. On the other hand, a descriptive essay is aimed at describing things in a detailed manner. Read also schools in Bannerghatta.

As you are here, it is not difficult to guess that you do not know about the differences that exist between these two important types of essays. Well, you have just landed the right article. In today’s post, we are going to discuss the top differences that exist between an argumentative essay and a descriptive essay. However, before that, let’s define both essay types.

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of essay in which the writer tries to prove a point with the support of concrete pieces of evidence. This type of essay is based on logic and reason. The writer gives examples and shreds of evidence in support of his point of view. It is up to the reader whether he agrees with the writer or disagrees. It is important to remember that there is no use of persuasion in this essay type.

What is a descriptive essay?

Descriptive writing or essay is another type of essay. This essay is aimed at describing the essay topic in detail. It provides the reader with a detailed sensory description of the essay topic. It means that through the content of the essay, the writer appeals to the five senses of the reader. A descriptive essay allows you to be more creative while writing it. For example, while describing a place, you can use some non-academic words. Also read about the India international school Bangalore.

Top differences between argumentative and descriptive essay

After reading the information above, it is now clear to you that argumentative and descriptive essays are two different types of writing. It is now time to discuss the differences that exist between them in detail. Hence, a brief description of the major differences is as follows:

1. The difference in balance and scope

The first difference between an argumentative and descriptive essay is of balance and scope. An argumentative essay does not have a balance of ideas. This essay requires you to take a side and refute the other. Also, an argumentative essay presents only one side of the story and asks you to take a stand. On the other hand, a descriptive essay is more balanced. Generally, this essay is neutral and just discusses the essay topic deeply.

2. The difference in complexity

Another difference that exists between these essay types is the difference in complexity. In general, writing an argumentative essay is easy. The reason is that all you need to do in this essay is take a side and present the arguments in support of that chosen side. In contrast, for writing a descriptive essay, you have to take a broader view of the topic into consideration. It requires extensive, and this is why it is difficult to craft.

3. The difference in the structure

There exists a minor difference in the rigidity of the structure of both essays. An argumentative essay is very strict about structure. As the writer, you have to craft the essay in three sections, i.e., introduction, body, and conclusion. In contrast, the descriptive essay is less rigid. The sequence of the sections remains the same, but the content ratio differs in this essay. If you still have any doubts about the structure, buy essay online and go through it.

4. The difference in the research bias

There is a difference between these two types of essays in terms of research bias. In an argumentative essay, you, as the writer, take a stand and present arguments in support of your stand. Hence, this essay is kind of biased in nature towards a point. On the other hand, the descriptive essay is not biased. In fact, you cannot think of bias in this essay. This essay just explains the topic, and that is it.

5. The difference in the tone

Another major difference that exists between these two types of essays is the difference in tone. The tone of an argumentative essay is very convincing. Although it is not a persuasive essay, its tone is similar to persuasive essays. On the other hand, the tone of a descriptive essay is very linear and constant. As the reader, you do not see any shift in the tone throughout the essay. Hence, it is a neutral essay. Also know about the Bangalore international school fees.


To sum up, argumentative and descriptive essay are two different types of academic essays. Both utilise different literary words and tones to express the information. Their purposes and aims are also different. In this guidepost, we have also discussed the major differences between them. So, read the information above and learn the differences.

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