5 Reasons Why IGCSE is Better Than GCSE

Parents everywhere want their kids to have firm educational foundations, whether attempting to follow the national curriculum of home or the host country. Some renowned courses include the IB Diploma, AP, or A-Levels which are highly appreciated worldwide. It helps the student to prepare for their prospective journey with content-rich knowledge.

IGCSE is one such course recognized globally and thus holds a lot of weight. However, parents who move abroad often need clarification about the best curriculum for their children. So let’s discuss and compare IGCSE and GCSE for a better understanding.

What is IGCSE?

The CLSP curriculum is acknowledged as the most excellent educational program in the world for developing well-rounded personalities in students between the ages of 14 and 16. IGCSE schools expand student-centred learning boundaries, providing children with a flexible setting to grow as communicators and thinkers. The two-year program addresses every facet of a student’s growth, and it also exposes them to a variety of cross-cultural viewpoints.


Global Recognition

A student who chooses the IGCSE curriculum at GIIS, one of the top IGCSE schools in Tokyo, will benefit from the program. IGCSE certification is widely recognized and highly regarded internationally. The chances of attending a top overseas university and studying there are increasing.

Student-centred methodology

Due to the curriculum’s diverse degrees, the IGCSE program is open to students of practically all aptitude levels. It is one of its main advantages since it can accommodate the demands of the most gifted and advanced students and those with academic difficulties. IGCSE teaching strategies and approaches are created to maximise each student’s learning potential, independent of their learning rate.

One of the most admirable parts of the IGCSE schools is that they emphasise fostering each child’s curiosity. The focus is primarily on practical experiences, inquiry, and expression to promote a greater understanding of the world and one’s role within it.


The IGCSE curriculum is nothing short of a blessing for the children as it provides them with a bold platform for communicating their understanding of many subjects. It promotes a practice of continual evaluation for gauging students’ understanding, emphasising giving good feedback.

This evaluation methodology aims to lessen children’s worry and anxiety related to their academic achievement. In this instance, the student and the teacher continually collaborate on the areas that need development. The continuous evaluation aims to keep students engaged and self-assured by focusing on their product rather than just their grades.

Smooth transition

The IGCSE is designed to prepare students for further study abroad, such as the IB Diploma Program and admission to overseas colleges. It has been exhibited time and time again that students who have completed the IGCSE have a better grasp of the fundamental ideas that the IB DP will build upon.

Global Exposure

Children have access to a global community since foreign school students typically choose the IGCSE curriculum. They learn to be inclusive and develop empathy for various cultures and individuals. It aids in fostering a global perspective where each kid becomes a member of a more varied and all-encompassing international community.


The IGCSE program has shown to be a significant growth metric that enables them to investigate new subject matter. It allows them to build on the foundation laid and further master the more difficult subjects. IGCSE schools invest a lot of work in introducing fresh cultural viewpoints and broadening the diversity of the classroom.


Globally, GCSEs and IGCSEs are regarded as outstanding formal high school credentials and stepping stones to further academic education anywhere in the world.


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